Man, if there’s one thing that I have to look at my life and say, “This is a constant theme,” is that I’m rarely ever fully satisfied. Like, let’s take, for example, man, like when I’m hungry, not hungry, when I’m hungry and I want something to eat and my wife is making chorizo and eggs and tortillas or if my sister-in-law’s frying some chicken for us, man, and we’re eating that with some collard greens and macaroni. Like, whatever it is, man, like I’m hungry, I eat it, and I’m satisfied for a minute and then I’m like, Yo, I need to go back and eat something again. Or if I’ve been running around with my kids playing basketball or helping them ride bikes or what have you, or we’re playing nerf war guns at the crib, you know how that goes. Like, I get thirsty and so I go get me a drink of water and I’m cool for a little bit, but then I’ve got to go back and get another drink of water because I get thirsty again.

Man, our lives in a body that constantly needs more food, more water, just to survive, it’s hard for us to be satisfied. The reason that that is because we’re longing for something that will allow us to take that reality of desiring something away. We’re always thirsty, always hungry, and it’s not just our body; it’s also our soul, the immaterial reality of our being that will continue to exist after we die. And it’s not just that we want food or we’re thirsty. The reality of our soul is everyone is searching for something or someone bigger than them. We know that to be true because look at all the different religions. Look at all the different pursuits of people who find happiness in what they have or what they do, or achievements that they say, “Yo, I’ve worked so hard to do this,” but that moment of satisfaction goes away, only to leave them dry and wanting something else to take away that desire for satisfaction.

Now that’s a biblical reality that I’ve been talking about. It’s found in Ecclesiastes 3:11 where the Bible clearly tells us God actually deposited eternity in the hearts of human beings. Every human being desires something that is eternal, something that is bigger than us, greater than us, beyond us, but so often that search is kind of filtered, if you will, by the reality of our own sinfulness. And so we will look for temporary pleasures to try to take away that eternal desire for something or someone greater than us.

Now the Bible also tells us before that verse in Ecclesiastes 3:11, specifically in verses 1 - 8, that there’s different periods of time in every person’s life. There’s a time to love, a time to go to war, time to eat; all kinds of times. A time to weep, a time to rejoice, a time to live, a time to die. That’s the reality of the life that human beings live, and, at the end of the day, this eternal craving for something that is inside of us, we’re looking to fill that. And that’s where we look at the Scriptures to understand that God has made us unique from every other form of creation. Only to human beings has He deposited that desire for eternity. But it also leaves us unsettled, that we’re constantly searching and looking. We look for it in relationships. We look for it in drugs, alcohol. We look for it in popularity. We look for it in sports. We look for it in clothes. We look for it in possessions. Whatever it is, we’re trying to fill that eternal desire with things that are temporary, and that’s a problem. It leads us down this chase of life that we’re constantly looking and looking and looking, and so many people die still looking for what they could never find. But for us who know Christ as Savior, we have found that Person that we’ve been looking for. It’s God.

Now I want to be fair. Before you go into your discussion, here’s something else I want you to think through. See, just because God fills that eternal desire and we are finally satisfied knowing that we know the Creator and the Sustainer of the universe because we’ve embraced Christ as Savior, does that mean that my desire for God goes away? Man, absolutely not! Why? Because of this truth: See, we’re still finite created beings. God has shown us where there is an unlimited supply, if you will, of eternal satisfaction that we can consistently go back and go back and go back for more and more and more and more. And it’s not gluttony, because God is the only One who satisfies the thirsty soul. God is the only One who fills the hungry soul; and every day when we wake up, our soul needs that connection back with our God. That’s why we pray. That’s why we read the Scriptures. That’s why we fellowship with our youth group in our church, because everyone who is a believer in Christ is finding that satisfaction in Jesus.

So as you go into your discussion, I want you to carve out space in the conversation to say, How can I find greater levels of satisfaction in God, greater levels of satisfaction in Jesus? What are some things that your peers and your youth leaders are doing in their lives to fill that drive of finding satisfaction in God? And I pray that you’ll be challenged by what they say and look to put those practices into the rhythm of your life. Go be satisfied in God.

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