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Let’s Connect

Let's connect

Have you met anyone new here at Our Daily Bread University? Let’s connect!

Studying together can enhance your learning experience! Discussing what you learn with someone else helps you test and maybe deepen your understanding. With your Premium subscription, you have a chance to connect with others on a similar journey to you.

Here are a couple of ways to connect:

  1. Via the Learning Groups. In the menu on the left side of your screen you can see this option, which will show you groups centered around topics of study or other special focuses. Share what you’re learning, ask each other questions, and challenge one another as you grow in God’s Word.
  2. In the Learning Groups or in a particular class you are taking, you’ll notice the individual members also enrolled. If you would like to take a conversation further, feel free to click on their profile and request to Connect. (Look for this buttonbutton on the right side of their profile page.)

If you’re not one for mingling with strangers, invite a friend to join you! You have two wonderful options:

  1. Click here to refer a friend. If they join, you can not only connect and learn with them here, but you can also earn $2 off your next subscription.
  2. Feeling generous or looking for a gift? Click here to purchase a gift certificate to give to your friend. 

Then connect and enjoy the journey!