Below are some frequently asked questions we hope will help you. If you do not find the answer to your question below, please feel free to contact us directly.

How do your Free, Premium, and Certificate options work and how do I sign up?

Free: We offer some of our most popular courses at no charge, as well as hundreds of additional curated resources from Our Daily Bread Ministries and from our ministry partners. Our Free courses include only the lectures. For many of our learners that is sufficient.


Premium: Others desire deeper study using additional course resources such as discussion questions, learning assessments, commentaries, and course Completion Awards. All these features and more are available in our self-study Premium subscriptions. To sign up for a Premium subscription select a subscription option that best meets your needs.


Certificate: The Foundations for Biblical Ministry Self-Directed Certificate is an optional add-on feature of the Premium subscription. There is no additional cost to enroll in the program, but you must be accepted into the program via an application process. The program offers a self-study curriculum and includes additional video commentary from experts in their respective disciplines. You may also benefit by participating in the optional learning community as you study together with others enrolled in the program and with a required Learning Mentor of your choice.


To sign up for the Certificate program, follow these simple steps:

  1. If you do not already have a Premium subscription, select a subscription option that best meets your needs.
  2. Complete this application.
How much does a Premium subscription cost?

We have three different subscription options that range from 1-month ($12.95 USD) to yearly ($99.50 USD). This allows you unlimited access to all the courses.

What will I have to do to earn my course Completion Award?

All courses will require that you read, watch, or listen to all the lectures and complete some basic requirements such as answering discussion questions, completing quizzes, and a final exam. Specific requirements will be stated for each course.

For which course can I earn a Completion Award?

You can browse our full listing of courses here.

Will I receive academic credit or CEUs for courses awarded the Completion Award?

The Association of Christian Schools International (ACSI) awards CEUs based on completion of the course requirements. Not all courses are eligible for CEUs. Please see their approved course list here. For more information about earning ACSI CEUs click here.


We provide course Completion Awards for Premium subscribers, but we do not guarantee their application or use in any other educational or training programs. Please contact the institution you hope to transfer to before you begin studying if you are interested in a formal or accredited degree program.

How long does my subscription last?

Subscriptions will continue without interruption for as long as you choose to continue the subscription or we are unable to collect the subscription payment due to, but not limited to, insufficient funds, expired or canceled payment cards, overdrafts and closed accounts.

How do I change my payment method or credit card?

You can choose to change your payment method at any time during your subscription. To do so, please visit your “Account” and click on the “Payment Methods”. You can then add a new payment method or delete old payment methods. Once you add a new payment method, please ensure that you set it to the default, otherwise, the system will continue to use the previous payment method.

How do I cancel my subscription?

You can choose to cancel your subscription at any time. To cancel your subscription, please visit your “Profile” page, click on “Subscription”, click on “Subscription Details, then click on the “View” button for your active subscription. You can then click on the “Cancel” button to stop your subscription. Please note that your subscription access will continue until the renewal date. If you have any questions or need assistance please contact us.

How do I use the course Discussion Questions?

Many of our courses include Discussion Questions. These forums help you reflect on key points of the course and allow you to post your thoughts for others to view. We encourage you to take advantage of these forums by reading and responding to a minimum of two other student posts in each lesson. This is an excellent way to learn from others who are enrolled in the course. We understand that certain questions may be of a more personal nature, so you may choose instead to occasionally record your thoughts in a personal journal or separate course notebook of your choice.

Do I have to take quizzes and tests with a Premium subscription?

No, you are not obligated to take quizzes and tests to enjoy our courses in the Premium self-study option. However, if you want to receive a Completion Award or are enrolled in our Certificate program, quizzes and tests are part of the completion requirements.

There are many online Christian education options. How do you keep from competing with one another?

We celebrate the many Christ-centered training options available today. Rather than competing with our colleagues in this space, we work together. We have strategic partnerships with various evangelical schools and ministries to collaborate and not compete in our critical mission. And we are in constant discussion with our ministry colleagues on how we can join forces and leverage our ministry dollars. You will find content from several of our partners on our website, and you will also find our content on their websites. With open-handed partnerships, everyone benefits.

Where do you find your faculty and what are their credentials?

Our long-term vision is to engage global students with global faculty in a global curriculum. We contract with gifted teachers, lecturers, authors, and scholars in a variety of disciplines to provide a library of supplemental resources and courses designed to enhance your learning experience.

What are the learning objectives and outcomes I can expect from enrolling in your Learning Paths?

Our courses are centered around learning objectives as described in each course.

Certificate Program Related Questions

How do I earn my Certificate?

In order to earn your Certificate, you must complete each of the courses in the four phases. If any of the courses are not yet released, your Certificate will not be awarded until you are able to finish each one of the sixteen courses.

When will the upcoming courses be available?

We are working hard to complete these courses. Church History Basics should be released in February 2024, and Shepherd Leadership will be released by March of 2024.

Does the Certificate Program require me to purchase anything in addition to my Premium subscription?

No. The opportunity to participate in this program is an included feature of your Premium subscription.

If I am not ready to get started on your Certificate program, what are my options as a Premium subscriber?

Premium members have access to over 200 courses, which you are welcome to explore. If you need a place to start, visit our Learning Paths, beginning with the Faith Essentials Learning Path or Faith Foundations Learning Path. Many of the courses in these two Learning Paths are “stackable,” meaning that they can be applied toward the completion of the Certificate program. So, once you have completed a course or two, it may benefit you to apply for the program. You have nothing to lose in giving one of our courses a try.

What should I do now that I have completed all the available courses?

If you have finished the available courses for the Certificate Program and are waiting on the new releases, we recommend trying out one of the other Learning Paths to further your studies.

How will I receive the Certificate and what does it look like?

Your Certificate will be made available for you electronically as soon as you have completed all the courses. The Certificate will state your full name as listed in your profile and declare that you have met the requirements of this program.

How does the Certificate Program differ from Learning Paths?

We have developed the curriculum to emphasize important subjects that are needed in most forms of church and ministry leadership, chosen selectively from our other Learning Paths. Additionally, with this program you must apply and commit to both finding a mentor who you can meet with regularly to discuss your learning, and commit to the Learning Covenant.

Will my mentor meetings be approved by someone?

No, your mentor may be anyone you choose. That person will not be obligated to share with us what you discussed nor be approved by anyone at Our Daily Bread University. We respect your promise to find and meet with a mentor, so we give you freedom to do so as is best for you and your mentor.

If the courses I need to take aren’t available, how do I complete the program?

In order to complete the program, you will need to complete all sixteen courses listed. Please complete all available courses on the list first. If you have completed all of the available courses and are awaiting the new ones, be sure that you spend time reviewing and discussing what you have learned with your mentor. Please also feel free to enjoy other courses of interest to you while you wait. By early March of 2024, all courses should be available.

If I have completed some of the required 16 courses prior to starting this program, what should I do?

Any of the 16 courses that you have completed prior to applying for the Certificate Program will be credited towards your completion. You may move on to the other courses that you have not yet completed. If you have completed all of the currently available courses and are awaiting the new ones, be sure that you spend time reviewing and discussing what you have learned with your mentor.

Aside from the Certificate, what are the advantages of enrolling in this program?

This program is a precursor to a Diploma Program that we hope to roll out in the near future. By completing the Certificate Program, you will have laid the foundation on which to build your studies, whether you eventually pursue the Diploma Program or move on to other educational opportunities. We hope that this will be used by God in your life, your walk with Him, and your relationships with others.

What if I can’t find a mentor?

First, try connecting with someone from Leading Well: https://leading-well.com/connect. They offer free coaching services around specific ministry interests. Just create an account and connect to one of their coaches. Another option is to talk to your pastor; pastors are often happy to serve in this capacity or may have a suggestion of someone else who would enjoy partnering with you. Finally, if none of these are a good fit, you can ask a friend to serve as an accountability partner rather than a mentor.