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What Classes are Others Enjoying?

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Have you wondered about what other students’ experiences have been while studying here? There have been hundreds of reviews we could share with you. We have chosen these in hopes that they might excite you to try a new class today.

DISCover Yourself and Others (odbu.org/SF108)

“The course really helped me to discover myself, see myself and others unique and appreciate everyone despite differences.” Michael | Nigeria

Union with Christ (odbu.org/SF130)

“Absolutely critical to our growth in Christ to study with this type of format. Not just reading the Bible but digging deeper and deeper to understand the true meaning of the scripture on a personal level. Love it. Thank you so much.” Russell | United States of America

Ten Reasons to Believe in the Christian Faith (odbu.org/CA201)

“This course confirmed my faith in Jesus Christ and gave me some “tools” to use when discussing my Christian Faith with a person who is searching for Jesus. Thank you!” Jessica | United States of America

70×7: Finding Peace by Forgiving Others…And Yourself (odbu.org/SF107)

“Incredible course, huge blessing, and so very insightful, thank you for including this course and the material as guidance in the process of forgiveness.” Toni | South Africa

Coping with Loss (odbu.org/CC012)

“I enjoyed Dr. Ron Welch who gave the lectures. The course helped me to understand why my daughter has struggled so much from losing her Dad. It also has given me new knowledge about Grief and Loss. A very helpful and enjoyable course. Thank you!” Evon | United States of America

It is clear that students like you have really enjoyed what they are learning. To read more reviews, click on the “Reviews” tab in any class.

The experience the students above wrote about will hopefully be similar if not greater for you. If you are signed into your Premium account, please let us know what classes you have taken and really enjoyed.