Maintaining Good Mental Health

We live in a trauma-filled world. All around the world challenges to mental health arise, within families, churches, and communities.

What God-given resources are available for Christians to cope with mental illness? 

In partnership with Lausanne Global Classroom, ODBU has released a new course, Understanding Mental Health and Trauma, that provides tools that can help. 

Learn from research and experienced ministry professionals in this rich course.. quip yourself to: 

  • Dispel myths and misconceptions about mental health
  • Understand the impacts of mental health issues on individuals, families, community, and society 
  • Explore the Biblical and theological perspectives on mental health
  • Manage the effects of trauma and maintain optimum mental health
  • Know when and how to help others address their poor mental health
  • Differentiate between professional counseling and a counseling ministry

This course is ideal for those who work in church, parachurch, or secular settings. Begin your journey toward improved mental health for yourself and others.