Conversation on Issues Impacting the Global Church

mental health counseling

What issues are impacting the spread of the gospel globally?

Are you, or someone you know, struggling with issues related to mental health and trauma?

From technology to mental health and trauma, the Lausanne Global Classroom brings together experts from around the world to discuss 18 important topics that are contributing to, or detracting from, global evangelization.

In our latest Conversation Video, Dr. Brent Burdick, Director of the Lausanne Global Classroom, speaks with Tim Laniak about the Lausanne mission, his book Gospel Issues for the Global Church, and his new course with ODBU, Understanding Mental Health and Trauma

Watch this fascinating conversation and learn why it is important for Christians to care about social and cultural issues that impact the spread of the gospel around the world.

Consider enrolling in Dr. Burdick’s course to learn more about mental health and trauma and strategies you can use to address this urgent issue in your family, church, and community.