Foundations for Biblical Ministry Self-Directed Certificate

This four-phase Certificate program* is ideal for those who are seeking a structured program for their own enrichment or for use in a variety of volunteer or vocational ministry settings. We offer world-course faculty, state-of-the-art instructional design, and numerous course study supplements. 

As an optional add-on feature of the Premium subscription, the Certificate program requires no additional cost, but you must be accepted via an application process. Join others from around the globe and submit your application today!

Program benefits:

  • Self-study curriculum
  • Additional video commentary from experts in their respective disciplines
  • Participation in the optional Learning Group
  • Engagement with a Learning Mentor of your choice

Program requirements:

Once approved for this program you will receive information on next steps to begin your study. Upon completion of all four phases, you will receive the Foundations for Biblical Ministry Certificate.

If you have more questions about ODBU, visit our Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ).

*The rationale for the four phases of courses is reinforced by the learner’s sequential journey through them. Spiritual Formation is where our spiritual growth begins. This involves knowing the fundamentals of prayer and Bible engagement. In the second tier you will build a foundation for your knowledge of the Bible, Theology and Church History. These areas are foundational to the third tier, when you learn how biblical revelation sits in a geographical context and how the world-views and religions of others are also culturally situated. This recognition is important before engaging in evangelism and apologetics. In the final phase you will be introduced to different aspects of biblical leadership, public communication and group dynamics, with an invitation to reflect on how you may be used by the Lord in His service.