SoulCare Foundations III: Provisions And Practices

This course explores the New Covenant that, when understood, are empowering, enabling, and liberating to the SoulCarer in order to make a difference in another's life.


Welcome to SoulCare Foundations III: Provisions and Practices. In this third course in the four-course SoulCare series, Dr. Larry Crabb probes the provisions of the New Covenant that, when understood, will empower, enable, and liberate the SoulCarer to move into the life of another and make a difference. This course offers practical help on applying the New Covenant to change lives and relationships for the better.

  1. Discover and understand the provisions of the New Covenant.
  2. Be empowered, enabled, and liberated to move into the life of another and make a difference.
  3. Understand the supernatural provisions that the Holy Spirit has made available that can help individuals engage in meaningful and effective SoulCare.
  • Enjoying the journey with this course, for sure!

    — Robin
  • This lesson helped me to understand and made what I've been feeling and experiencing as I help others a reality.

    — Deanna E
  • Excellent course. I have learned and continue to learn so much about SoulCare. I can see where some things I am currently doing are somewhat on the right track but I have more knowledge on which to improve and other areas where I may have missed the mark ‘thousands of little mistakes’, but still all done with a pure heart and now I know ways to do better in the future. I love the entire course on SoulCare that I have completed so far.

    — Sheila
  • I have been intrigued as to how much I have wanted to devour course III - I am impressed that ODBU has created 40 hour session with the great number of lectures and in the manner that they have been stretched out - I am grateful that my seminary has required me to pursue this course - thank you Larry and thank you ODBU.

    — Richard
  • Excellent course that got me thinking in a lot of new areas.  

    — Diane
  • Can't say enough how much this course affected my soul. It broke me. It humbled me. It showed me my dependence on my Savior! Thank you!!!

    — Shari
  • The course has enabled me to identify most of the mistakes I have been making when dealing with people with problems. It has also showed me ways of improving how I understand people and problems. I will definitely be guided by what I have learned in this course and other previous SoulCare courses.

    — Farai
  • The course is a whole lot about Christian faith to me. I am grateful to God that I took this course. God bless Our Daily Bread Ministry for this opportunity.

    — Gloria
  • I am deeply grateful for these SoulCare courses. What treasures. This one has led me further into understanding how to be a vessel for God's Spirit to move through me. One helpful understanding is that mistakes are normal. That is very encouraging as I stumble frequently, which is why I want God to be God in my encounters.

    — Gaynor
  • Very good training. I especially like how each lesson builds on what has already been taught.

    — Lorenzo
  • Excellent and thankful for the content!

    — Darryl
  • This is such a blessing! Especially in the past year of not being able to participate in learning in group settings, this has been such a blessing to keep learning!

    — Lisa
  • I have served as a mentor in my church for 15+ years. During the 15 years I did not have words to help me understand the working of the Holy Spirit inside me. SoulCare Foundations have put my thoughts and feelings into words with examples that deepened my understanding the work of the Holy Spirit within me for the restoration of others.

    — Brenda
  • I have learned so much as I moved through this course on SoulCare. There are so many personal take aways that I feel more confident in helping others as I feel being helped by the Holy Spirit in me. I'm looking forward to the next SoulCare course.

    — Laurie
  • I have gained a lot of valuable insight from this course. Thank you.

    — Roy
  • I would like to go back and spend more time on the journal questions. I believe it is beneficial to personalize this teaching through the application of journal questions.

    — Jamie
  • A lot to digest but worthwhile. I’m excited to begin using some of what I learned in my conversations.

    — Philip
  • Appreciated the discussion questions and the soul-searching it required to answer them.

    — Anna
  • Eccellente

    — Giovanni
  • This has been a powerful course.

    — Chantra
  • It feels like that I am receiving SoulCare, and that's not a negative experience.

    — Solus
  • Dr. Crabb's teaching, spiritual insights, and lived experience are invaluable treasures!!!

    — Marc
  • This is an awesome course about spiritual care. Dr Crabb's teaching are stunning and challenging. This course is providing a way to seek more from God and His Spirit.

    — Gildas
  • Both Dr. Crabb and the setup of this course by Daily Bread University are excellent. The material is challenging but understandable and the presentation is fantastic. Very, very well done on all accounts.

    — Coleman
  • The information presented in this course was very enlightening and thought provoking and exciting.

    — Angeley
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed this course. It brought everything I learned in the first two courses into context for me. I look forward to course #4.

    — Kim
  • Love these courses. Much to ponder.

    — Donald
  • Slowly, precept upon precept, I see God building within me a greater capacity to encourage, to refresh, and truly touch the souls of others. All the concepts are marinating in my heart and mind and soul so I might truly love God and love others as I was created to do.

    — Joanna
  • This course had a lot of information but it was helpful. I also really enjoyed the review of previous material and recapping those major points from previous courses to give a more complete picture of SoulCare.

    — Valeria
  • I found this course practical and enriching.

    — Norman
  • Another great course! I'm thankful for the setup - lecture, quiz, discussion questions. This keeps me engaged and taking notes.

    — Jason
  • Very well done! Lots of ideas for me to use.

    — Karin
  • I've enjoyed Courses 1, 2 and 3 and have been able to incorporate the principles into my counseling efforts.

    — Ray
  • Learning a lot!

    — Joyce
  • Great course. Packed full of insight.

    — Denise
  • I have been enjoying the course and look forward to the next section!

    — Joseph
  • Good course. Need a lot of thinking in order to understand.

    — David
  • The lessons were very helpful to me, and helped me see many areas where I need to improve.

    — Joan
  • This was another great experience. I know I have grown since I started this third module!

    — Vernaline
  • This entire course is so very good and informative.

    — Regina
  • This course has overwhelmed my mind in better understanding my daughter and myself. I found this course very indepth and at times to understand. I wish I would have had a opportunity to ask a question to Dr Crabb. I've learned a lot and as a result I believe that God has instilled in me humility and I have become less judgmental.

    — Evon
  • Continuous Growth with Each SoulCare level....

    — Sebrina
  • Great course!

    — Maricia
  • Very informative

    — Naomi
  • This course is very detailed and offers us a dynamic look into the need and purpose of bringing others and ourselves, into a deeper relationship with God. It is very informative and has transformed my outlook and thinking.

    — Genesis
  • Enjoyed this course overall, very informative and spiritually changing while learning.

    — Cassanya
  • I found this course to be more difficult than the last; however, there were several tools given during this course that helped me to understand how I can give, and how I can receive SoulCare. I am also more aware of when I am having a breakthrough, and I am giving SoulCare.

    — Jacquelyn
  • SoulCare has been very helpful to me to understand my relationship with God and how to share it with others.

    — Reda
  • I found the course was easy once i was able to focus and but aside my daily work.

    — Brenda
  • I truly enjoyed the personal touch of the teacher to help us understand the information better.

    — Jacqueline

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