What the Bible Is All About

You may have heard of the Bible, but not the story it tells us from Genesis to Revelation. In this course discover the common themes that connect the many books and the role you play.

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Perhaps you’re familiar with the Bible, but not with the overarching story this book unfolds to us from its beginning in Genesis to its conclusion in Revelation. Discover the themes that unite these 66 books into a cohesive narrative. And discover the essential part you play in this big story.

The content for this course is provided courtesy of Mark Young, PhD, President of Denver Seminary. You may also wish to purchase a companion book to the course: One True Story, One True God, by Dr Young. 

  • Understand the larger story God communicates to us through His Word.
  • Identify the themes that begin in Genesis and work their way through Scripture to the book of Revelation.
  • Discuss God’s creative work in Genesis and examine it from both Old and New Testament perspectives.
  • Articulate what it means and why it matters that man is created “in God’s image.”
  • Examine the tragedy of the fall in Genesis 3 and answer the question: What is God going to do?
  • Explain how God rescues His creation.
  • Describe how Abraham is a model of how God involves people in His restorative work.
  • Explain why redemption is not limited to personal forgiveness.
  • Very good course. Concise and informative. A great place to start learning more about the Bible.

    — Helen
  • This course is easy to use with click and point features to access lectures, quizzes, and evaluations. So far, the information has been accurate with reference pulled straight from Scripture.

    — Fredrick
  • Highly recommended to anyone seeking to grow spiritually.

    — Cesar
  • This was such a cohesive overview of exactly what the Bible is about that it has definitely boosted my confidence in being able to “talk” to nonbelievers as well as believers!

    — Marcia
  • I really enjoyed this course and now I understand much more about the Bible. I highly recommend this course because it breaks everything down in order for me to fully understand more.

    — Jonelle
  • Great course! One lesson's questions (three) seemed a little more challenging than the others, but overall really enjoyed the content and the teacher.

    — Hillary
  • My favorite so far. Very nice

    — Charlotte
  • I found this situation he describes of being asked by the Frenchman, "What's that book about?" stimulating for discussion and my own attempt to answer that question. And I think it's a question that could drive a small group. Finding out what the people in the group know about the Bible could lead to going over the areas they're not so clear on.

    — Matthias
  • It was a great course that helped me to see the Bible is not just a compilation of 66 books but a complete story of God and His people and His mission for His people

    — Curt
  • This course was interesting and thought-provoking.

    — Brenda
  • Dr. Young is a very good instructor. His knowledge from the Old Testament to the New Testament opened my eyes in the ways they are similar. I will continue to study God's word from Our Daily Bread University and of course the Bible.

    — John
  • I think that this course really makes you think about what the Bible is broken down to its most elemental points. It is very beneficial in that it makes you look at the Bible as a whole rather than piecing it out into parts. I think you can gain more from your Bible study with this foundation.  

    — Mary H
  • The course is easy to follow and understand. There is a strong cohesiveness in teaching redemptively and the message in this course regarding the story in the Bible: creation, fall, redemption, and restoration.  

    — Robert
  • I must say it was an incredibly informative and enriching experience. The course provided a comprehensive overview of the Bible, delving into its historical context, literary genres, and the overarching themes that run throughout. The instructor's knowledge and passion for the subject were evident, making the lectures engaging and thought-provoking. I appreciated the balanced approach taken, which respected both the religious significance of the text and its broader impact on culture, literature, and history. Overall, 'What the Bible Is All About' was a truly great course that exceeded my expectations. It not only deepened my understanding of the Bible but also sparked a desire to explore its timeless teachings further. I highly recommend this course to anyone seeking a comprehensive and enlightening journey into the profound wisdom and cultural significance of the Bible.

    — Leon
  • Very confusing course. I did not care for it and didn't care for having to read so many guest writers.

    — Millie
  • I love the clarity I have received by the new understanding I have about the Word of God being the story of God. And how I fit into the scheme of God's plan.

    — Rhonda
  • Questions were related to other speakers for some not in the video.

    — Dayton
  • This was a very helpful course! It helped me see the Bible from unique perspective.

    — Justin
  • I value what was pointed out & emphasized in the lectures

    — Lani
  • It was very interesting to me. I learned a lot about the flow of a call from the Godhead to all the followers of God, be it the Old or New Testament.

    — Keith
  • This course helped me re-focus into what my mission as a follower of Christ is -- to make known to all people who God is so that He is known and worshipped by all people.

    — Rebecca
  • Dr. Young does not tell the full story of Ananias and Sapphira. He makes it look like not giving all their money was why God killed them. But it was the lie, that they gave it all, that was the reason for their deaths. In Acts 5 Peter is quoted as saying it was your money to do as you liked with.

    — Roy
  • An excellent course!

    — Russell
  • Very enlightening, I mostly read the lectures as opposed to watching and listening to them.

    — Mark
  • Very interesting and value-added course.

    — Paul
  • This lesson was wonderfully taught. It gave me so much new awareness. For example, What it means to be a child of God is not that "I believe so that I can go to heaven, or be forgiven, or even have eternal life. The purpose of being a child of God is to live my life so that others may come to know the one true God and worship Him." I enjoyed this lesson.

    — Jennifer
  • Just a great way to get started on my Bible study journey to have the integrative themes of who God is to us, who we are to Him, and how he is carrying out his redemptive mission through us so clearly laid out.

    — John
  • Dr. Young does a outstanding job on reviewing the three biblical ideas of Rescue, Restoration, and Ransom.

    — Cynthia
  • This course answered so many questions for me. Some clearly formed and specific and others I hadn't been able to formulate. Completing this course makes me eager to take the other ones.

    — Sonya
  • This course left me with much to think about in how I might answer someone who asks what the Bible is about. The examples in the lectures were great. I will look at the sunset differently. I think the most pertinent thing that I took away from this course is that whatever God does for me is always for the sake of others.

    — Kathleen
  • Dr. Young was an engaging lecturer, whose personal commitment gave weight to his teachings. It was scholarship with spirit and truth. Thank you for making this available to the body of Christ and for faithfully teaching His Word.

    — Carolyn
  • I have a clear understanding of my role as a follower of Jesus Christ. I know that I am saved not only for my own salvation but to compel other's to become followers and share in God's redemptive plan for all people. The work of God's redemption is RESCUE, RESTORATION, AND RANSOME. From Genesis until Revelation the promise is continuous.

    — Susan
  • This course is so refreshing. I needed this, especially because I have just been in a dry place for a long time. This course made me realize that God loves me so much even though I am stubborn. I am now energized!

    — Faye
  • I've thoroughly enjoyed this overview of what the Bible is all about, and would recommend it - it's given me so much food for thought. I love having that big picture in my mind now of how it's God's story, and not only a story of rescue and restoration for the individual, but for all peoples. It's inspired me to know and understand that God has given me and His Church an integral part to play in that story. The blessings are not just for us, but that we are a 'sent' people, and we are to be a blessing to others and to showcase God's love, mercy, and grace so that others will be drawn to love and worship Him.

    — Pauline
  • I enjoyed the topics and how they were presented. Thank you so much.

    — Marci
  • I really enjoyed this course.

    — Susan
  • I really enjoyed Dr. Mark Young's lectures on all of his subjects. He spoke very clearly and precisely and was easily understood. I would really appreciate hearing more of his excellent teaching! Thank you Dr. Young.

    — Juergen
  • The course was great! It gave me insight and knowledge. It caused me to think in depth about the Bible story and God's redemptive mission. I love reading the articles written by scholars. The articles were personable and further explain the narrative of the Bible story.

    — Dannita
  • The reading materials and lectures were clear and concise and helped to provide key understanding of the topics.

    — Anna
  • What I've learned about the Bible in this course has been a tremendous help to understanding what God has been teaching me all along.

    — Benito
  • Outstanding course. I finally see my place in the big picture.

    — Skip
  • The course was very stimulating, I was able to expand my understanding and meditation of God's Word.

    — Theresa
  • Great course. Really explained the thread that runs through the entire Bible.

    — Cecil
  • Excellent lectures and readings; enjoyed very much and learned a lot.

    — Wes
  • Outstanding Course! I learned so much from the professor! I will definitely share with others!

    — April
  • It is easy to understand yet very informative. I learned so much.

    — Sheila
  • The reading materials are great. It gives me more knowledge aside from Dr. Young's explanation. Meanwhile, Dr. Young's presentations are very easy to understand as he uses simple English language for listeners to follow. The transcript helps me review the lessons.

    — Vincent
  • This was my first course and I'm very satisfied. I like the format - reading, course time, quiz & a final exam.

    — Helen
  • This is the core of the Bible. Thanks.

    — William
  • Great insights, clear teaching, interesting things to consider with good evidence to back it up.

    — Brandon

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