Lesson One
Getting to Know Who’s Who
3 Activities | 1 Assessment
Lesson Two
Beginnings to Baptism
3 Activities | 1 Assessment
Lesson Three
Introducing the Son of God
3 Activities | 1 Assessment
Lesson Four
Ministry with His Disciples
3 Activities | 1 Assessment
Lesson Five
Lessons About Life and Death
3 Activities | 1 Assessment
Lesson Six
The Road to the Cross
3 Activities | 1 Assessment
Lesson Seven
Jesus Is Alive Forever and Ever!
3 Activities | 1 Assessment
Course Wrap-Up
Course Completion
1 Activity | 1 Assessment

Overview and Objectives

Lesson Overview

Stories in this lesson include Jesus’s burial and resurrection; His time with two men on the road to Emmaus; His ascension and command to make disciples of all nations; His selection of Paul as an apostle to the Gentiles and Jews; His teachings about the destruction of the devil; His teachings about life after His second coming; and His teachings in the Sermon on the Mount.

Lesson Objectives

When you complete this lesson, you should be able to do the following:

  • Identify the events of Jesus’s resurrection and His last days on earth before He ascended to heaven.
  • Explain the gift of the Holy Spirit and the beginning of the early church.
  • Explain Jesus’s teachings about eternal life with God.
Personal Reflection

As you proceed through this lesson have the following question in mind.
Reflect on how outlook affects our decisions and attitudes. How do we view the conditions of the world as it is today? How do we feel about the sin we see around us? Discuss the presence of poverty, injustice, racism, abuse, violence, crime, greed, and inequality. How do these conditions make us feel? Hopeless? Depressed? Are these things more true than God’s Word? What does God’s final victory mean for all these issues? How do we keep believing this when everything around us often seems much more real than God’s promise of victory in the end? How should we deal with all these issues while we’re here on earth? Ignore them, since God will eventually wipe them away, or work and pray for the good of those who are being oppressed?

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