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Galatians-1 Corinthians: Paul’s Earliest Letters


The New Testament epistles to the Galatians and Thessalonians are Paul’s earliest preserved letters. In them, he began to lay a theological and behavioral foundation for Christian belief and conduct. This course, Galatians – 1 Corinthians: Paul’s Earliest Letters, surveys these early writings.


Group Exercises
  1. To introduce students to survey information related to the New Testament.
  2. To help develop critical and practical aptitudes in understanding the Bible.
  3. To provide scholarly information that will foster a better understanding of the historical and biblical context of the New Testament.
  • I enjoyed this in depth study and learning about Judaism.

    — Otterblad, United States (US)
  • An excellent course!

    — Russell
  • Thank you.

    — Schalk, South Africa
  • Enjoyed doing this course, brought so much to light and was definitely informative and a blessing.

    — Toni, South Africa
  • I learned so much!

    — Chelsea, United States (US)
  • I enjoyed the background to the epistles and the explanations of what life was like for Jewish people in the time of Christ.

    — Heather, United States (US)
  • Good basic insight and historical insight.

    — Donald, United States (US)
  • Again, learned a lot from this course.

    — Michael, United States (US)
  • I really enjoy studying through the books chronologically, which helps me understand Paul from a real life perspective. Reading Galatians in particular knowing this was his first letter makes so much sense.

    — Dorothy, United States (US)
  • I am encouraged to keep going in my studies because of very helpful segments such as this one. It was not too much to chew on at one time which is helpful for someone who has not been to school in 25 years or so. Thank you again.

    — Pamela, United States (US)
Intermediate Level
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Class Details

  • 3 Lessons
  • 16 Activities
  • 4 Assessments
  • 23 Min Average
  • 3 Hrs Minimum
  • 2 CEUs
  • Class Award

Craig L. Blomberg, PhD