Overview of Biblical Greek Grammar

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Level: IntermediateNumber of Lessons: 5Avg. Length: 11 Min.Time Required: 3 Hours MinimumCEUs: .3Course Code: NT290
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Did you ever want to better understand the language the New Testament was written in? In this course, you will explore the fundamentals of Greek, including the alphabet, accents and punctuation, declensions and nouns, verb tense form and aspect, and verb voice, mood, person, and number. This course will whet your appetite for diving into deeper study of this ancient language!

The class was developed in collaboration with Denver Seminary faculty.


  • Understand the difference between theologically driven and grammatically driven interpretations.
  • Have a basic understanding of each letter in the Greek alphabet and how to pronounce it.
  • Recognize diphthongs, breathing marks, accents, and punctuation, and explain the role each plays in Greek grammar.
  • Explain declensions.
  • Understand how to parse Greek nouns and verbs.
  • Understand verb aspect and identify the different tense forms.
  • Identify and explain the difference between verb voices, moods, person, and number.
  • Have a better appreciation for the basic structure and function of the Greek language.
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