The Book of Revelation

As we learn about Revelation, we will gain exciting insights into the role played by Jesus and the church in world history.


The Book of Revelation can be both exciting and confusing. It’s exciting because it records dramatic visions about the role of Jesus and the church in the history of the world. But it’s also confusing because its imagery is so foreign to modern readers. Even so, the overall message is clear: King Jesus is returning in victory.

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  1. Introduce viewers to the background and primary message of the Book of Revelation.
  2. Summarize the structure, content, original meaning and modern application of the Book of Revelation.
  • Consiglio vivamente questo corso in quanto rende semplice ed edificante il panorama del Libro di Apocalisse.

    — Giovanni, Italy
  • Preterism seems to make more sense than the other options.

    — Jason, United States
  • This course was very enjoyable! I had read the book of Revelation before, but there was a lot from this course that gave me new insight and ideas about topics in the book. I found it rather interesting all the different perspectives it brought up, such as when Revelation was actually written, the purpose of the book, and even different concepts talked about in the book / course.

    — Marlies, United States
  • This course was eye opening as to the real meanings in Revelation. It has also sparked my interest in further study of this wonderful book.

    — Aileen, United States
  • Excellent course.

    — Tasha, United States
  • Good overview

    — Donald, United States
  • An excellent course!

    — Russell, United States

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