Reading the Psalms

Level: BasicNumber of Lessons: 5Avg. Length: 12 Min.Time Required: 2 Hours MinimumCourse Code: OT020
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In this course, Dr. Knut Heim seeks to excite and motivate students to learn more about the Psalms in ways that will transform their lives. He will examine four very different psalms, showing students how to read varying types of psalms for all they are worth.

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  • Explain why it is worthwhile for Christians to study the Psalms.
  • Identify several literary devices and explain how they contribute to a psalm’s meaning.
  • Look for new and imaginative ways to read the Psalms.
  • Describe modern applications for four specific psalms: Psalm 23, Psalm 103, Psalm 72, and Psalm 137.
Knut Heim, PhD
  • University of Liverpool, PhD
  • Free Theological University Gießen, MDiv
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