Old Testament Field Guide

The Old Testament Field Guide will provide a great framework for your journey through the Old Testament as we explore the Bible’s geographical, historical, cultural and religious contexts. We’ll put tools in your hands that you can use throughout your journey of interpretation.  And you will watch your own confidence and competence grow when this foundation is laid.

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The Old Testament Field Guide will prepare you to start down the path of deeper engagement with God’s Word. 

Maybe you’ve read the Bible before but feel a little unsure of the names and places in the Old Testament. Perhaps you’re uncertain about the behavior of God’s people and may even feel unsure of how to make sense of who God is from the text. Is He really the same loving God presented in the New Testament?

Explore the Bible’s geographical, historical, cultural and religious contexts of the Old Testament. Gain tools you can use throughout your journey of interpretation. And watch your own confidence and competence grow with this new foundation.

If this is your first course in the Bible Journey curriculum, you must first visit the Journey Prep page to understand the background, history, and terminology we will use in the courses.

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  • Become familiar with the names, places, and key events in the Old Testament, enabling you to approach the text with greater confidence.
  • Gain a deeper understanding of the historical and cultural contexts that shaped the people of the Old Testament and their actions.
  • Develop a clearer understanding of God’s nature as depicted in the Old Testament, resolving questions about His consistency with the God of the New Testament.
  • Be equipped with essential tools for interpreting the Old Testament, empowering you to extract deeper insights and meaning from the text.
  • Great course introducing things most Christians have never been subjected to unless in a theological degree program!

    — Marcia, United States
  • I found it very helpful.

    — Catie, United States
  • This course opened my eyes to things that I didn't realize or take the time to look at beyond what the Bible mentions.

    — Cory, United States

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Course content is provided courtesy of Bible Journey.