Bible Study Basics

In this course you will need to become childlike, yet scientific at the same time, as you ask these questions: To whom is he writing? Why? When? Where? How?

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If you began today, you could spend a lifetime looking for and discovering all of the treasures of the Bible. In Bible Study Basics you will need to become childlike, yet scientific at the same time, as you ask these questions: Who is the author? To whom is he writing? Why? When? Where? How? Wherefore? In asking these questions you will learn how to discover the growing, living, life-changing ideas that God has for you. Begin today.


Leader's Guide
  1. Understand and put into practice the law of context in Bible study.
  2. Understand the context of plain and normal meaning.
  3. Explain the importance of the context of the Bible as a whole in determining accurate scriptural principles.
  4. Understand the basic, foundational truths in Scripture.
  5. Apply the Inductive Bible Study Method and explain six rules for interpreting prophecy.
  6. Understand various Bible tools and how they are used.
  • I would highly recommend this course to anyone wishing to learn how to better study the Bible. It is informative and easy to follow and apply to my own studies.

    — Helen, United States
  • I have a better understanding of how to study the Bible. I can easily apply what I learned to achieve greater knowledge of the Bible, and feel more comfortable with studying the Bible.

    — Terri, United States
  • Excellent!!!

    — Patrick, United States
  • The course was very helpful to establish a mindset on how to begin my Bible study. I have already obtained some study tools and look forward to getting started!

    — Janice, United States
  • Very interesting and informative!

    — Rachelle, United States
  • Great. I gained useful knowledge to help me get a better understanding when studying the Word.

    — Tonya, United States
  • The last three lessons really began to challenge me and to encourage me to take my Bible study to the next level of scholarship — something I have been planning to do for quite some time. Thank you.

    — Matthew, United States
  • This course really challenged me.

    — Samuel, Nigeria
  • The lecturer explained the intricacies of the various steps of Bible study very well. Though there is a lot of content and some of it needs deep thought to process, he has done very well in making the complex look simple. He has given very apt examples, illustrations or analogies too. Highly recommended course for the Christian who wants to get serious with the Bible.

    — Weng Yuen, Singapore
  • I loved this study.  

    — Daisy, United States
  • The course opened my mind to how to look at the Bible and how not to confuse or prejudge the text. Allowing for a much richer study.

    — Jay, United States
  • The course provides an introduction to Bible study that was very helpful in showing me how I can study the Bible. It enabled me to take what I was learning, as God's "loving instructions" to me.

    — Charles, United States
  • I now have the understanding of how to study the Bible and the tools to help me know more clearly what the will of God is.

    — David, United States
  • Loved the course and though most of it was refresher to me it was great to have it reaffirmed and some was new which was very helpful.

    — Roger, United States
  • This was very helpful and a great blessing

    — Schalk, South Africa
  • Really enjoyed this course. Thank you.

    — Toni, South Africa
  • An excellent course!

    — Russell, Canada
  • Enjoyed it.

    — Mark, United States
  • Interesting to learn new things and also basics about Bible study. I am glad I went through this course.

    — Osemen, United Kingdom
  • This was a great course. It helped the Bible "come alive" to me.

    — Linda, United States
  • Very good indeed!!!

    — Merle, Canada
  • I now know how to study scripture in depth. I have no idea, however, what scripture I should do this for. I certainly do not have the time to do this every time I’m reading scripture.

    — Doug, United States
  • eccellente

    — Giovanni, Italy
  • I am highly impressed with the level of rigor and depth of knowledge of the Bible Basics Course.

    — Andre, United States
  • These are excellent courses for they are a joy to take and very educational. I always learn something and my understanding of the topic is made clearer. Thank you.

    — Kurt, United States
  • A great introduction to the course of study I am seeking to undertake. I am challenged but really looking forward to what God will do in my life as I study his word in this manner.

    — John, United States
  • I'm planning to use the Basic Courses' content and materials to teach basics to young couples. They seem to fit my needs. As a sideline, I have one complaint and suggestion. The complaint is that the graphics in the margins are faint and some lettering, especially in withing the graphics themselves, are difficult or impossible to read. The suggestion is, the graphic material could be very valuable if they were accessible as PowerPoint presentations to help those who want to use them in training in churches and on the mission field.

    — R.L., United States
  • I found this helpful to have some guidelines and tools to help me to know how to study the Bible more effectively.

    — Kathryn, United Kingdom
  • It begins even now to make things clear and and the hope of getting to know my Father better.

    — Johnnie, United States
  • Informative and interesting

    — Myrna, Canada
  • This course was very helpful. The content was faithful to the course promise and clearly articulated. The lectures were appropriate in length, taking into consideration attention spans via the electronic platform, and contained the requisite information for the later application demands. I would suggest an option of viewing the correct answers for questions missed in the quizzes. Additionally, the discussion forum had responses to questions that were not aligned with the questions posed for the course I was taking. You could also consider providing prompts to support reviewing aligned course content within the lesson for questions missed, in lieu or in addition to providing the correct answers. This reduced the opportunity for me to engage the thinking of peers in this platform, which can be an enriching experience.

    — Carolyn, United States
  • It clarifies the basics for me.

    — Solus, United States
  • This was a great thought provoking course. It was exactly what I was looking for in a Bible study course. Most of the information included was new to me so this was an exciting exploration.

    — Curt, United States
  • Very insightful and now when I study the scriptures, I will have a better understanding!

    — Dawn, United States
  • Loved this course. Learning about exegesis and hermeneutics and macro and micro observation will be invaluable tools for in-depth Bible study

    — Theresa, United States
  • It was good reading. Very helpful understanding how to study the Bible and understanding what is needed on my part to deliver a well structured message so that the received has a good understanding of the message to interpret it and apply it to their lives.

    — Unice, United States
  • Even though I have read the Bible through several times, this course has helped me begin to learn more in depth on how to actually "study" instead of just "read".

    — Debora, United States

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