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Catching Your Breath: Grieving the Loss of a Spouse | Download

Evangelism: Reaching Out Through Relationships | Download

Following Jesus: Relationship or Religion? | Download

In the Beginning: God and Creation in Genesis | Download

It’s Not Fair: Trusting God When Life Doesn’t Make Sense | Download

Life After Loss: Grieving with Hope | Download

Overcoming Worry: Turning Fear into Faith | Download

Teach Us to Pray | Download

The Gospels: Mathew, Mark, Luke, John | Download

The History Books | Download

The Lands of the Bible: Places that Shape Scripture | Download

The Letters of Paul | Download

The Pentateuch | Download

The Sermon on the Mount: Being Made from Within | Download

When God Says No: Broken Dreams to New Beginnings | Download

Why? Seeing God in Our Pain | Download

Is the Bible Reliable | Download

Biblical and Theological Resources

Adventuring Through the Bible: Old Testament | Download

Adventuring Through the Bible: New Testament | Download

Old Testament Book Overviews | Download

New Testament Book Overviews | Download

Theology Definitions | Download

When Darkness Reigns | Download (Sample chapter [8])

Bible Timeline | Download

The Timothy Initiative

The Timothy Initiative exists to advance Christ’s kingdom by multiplying disciples and disciple-making churches around the world. Please see their website at for more information.

Apologetics, Church History, and Spiritual Warfare | Download

Church Planting and Book of Acts | Download

Discovering the Bible | Download

Homiletics | Download

Old Testament 1 | Download

Old Testament 2 | Download

New Testament Gospels | Download

New Testament Pastoral Epistles | Download

New Testament General Letters | Download

Major Bible Doctrines | Download

Journey Through Series

Journey Through Romans | Download

Journey Through Ruth | Download

Bible as Literature – Dr. Leland Ryken

Reading the Bible as Literature” is a form of Bible interpretation that takes genre as a starting point for comprehending the original intent of the human authors. The Bible has historical accounts, fictional parables, poetry about love and faith, prophecy and law. These genres set boundaries for how passages were originally heard. By recognizing the literary genres of the Bible, readers can more accurately understand the original intent of the human authors. This will enable them to understand the original meaning of each passage. A pioneer in the movement, Dr. Leland Ryken, has graciously provided us with this 14-lesson resource below. We hope this resource will provide you with a deeper understanding of the Bible.

Reading the Bible as Literature | Download

Lessons Breakdown:

  1. What Traits Make a Bible Passage Literature?
  2. Introduction to Biblical Narrative
  3. How Bible Stories Work
  4. Setting in Bible Stories
  5. Characterization in Bible Stories
  6. Plot in Bible Stories
  7. Hero Stories in the Bible
  8. Fact and Fiction about the Poetry of the Bible
  9. Biblical Poetry: The Primacy of the Image
  10. Biblical Poetry: Metaphor, Simile, Symbol
  11. Biblical Poetry: Additional Figures of Speech
  12. How Poems in the Bible Work
  13. How to Explicate a Biblical Poem
  14. Specific Poetic Genres in the Bible

Shepherds Global Classroom

SGC curriculum covers the doctrinal and practical fundamentals for Christian leader training, and is a simple-to-use tool for pastors and missionaries who desire to establish structured, informal, and non-formal training programs in any context. See for more information. 

Church History I | Download

Church History I (Answer Key) | Download

Church History II | Download

Church History II (Answer Key) | Download

Exploring the New Testament | Download

Exploring the New Testament (Answer Key) | Download

Exploring the Old Testament | Download

Exploring the Old Testament (Answer Key) | Download

Introduction to Apologetics | Download

Introduction to Apologetics (Answer Key) | Download

Principles of Biblical Interpretation | Download

The Life and Ministry of Jesus | Download

World Religions and Cults | Download

World Religions and Cults (Answer Key) | Download