The course was a personal journey as well as teaching. I have had the opportunity to apply some of the skills he taught in relationships- as I was learning. I felt a little like Luke Skywalker trying to use a lightsaber when I faced my inadequacy. Everything in us wants to use the skills we have but I had to learn to rely on the Holy Spirit more. I was deeply moved by the story about the bridal veils as I considered what God had provided for me as his bride and how I had rejected his provision to seek my own- far too often. It increased my appetite and pleasure in my relationship with Him. I enjoyed writing vision letters (just for my consideration) for several relationships in which the process of deeper conversations had begun. This was a helpful activity that is evolving as I consider Soul Care for each of these persons. My relationship with God is sweeter as I consider the teaching and my desire to be an instrument that encourages others to know him more is stronger.