Dr. Crabb is a wonderful teacher; he slowly, but carefully goes through getting into someone’s soul and getting them to reveal the truths of what is deep inside of them making them act out on the surface, and also brings about the knowing that if we truly get Christ and the Spirit of God deep inside our Souls and a hunger for Him exceeds everything else then we truly will be healed of our struggles that have brought us to the SoulCarer to begin with. As for me, as I have gotten through this 1st course, I now know that God brought me to this course, for training at such a deep level and it has confirmed to me that I was correct in knowing that in order for people with struggles to be helped, they must allow God to get deep inside of them, to serve Him with everything in them and when their Spirit meets Him, they can truly walk away from the issues of things such as suicidal thoughts, anxieties, sexual addictions, etc. Because the more of Jesus you put inside, the less of you, your flesh, you deal with. Going through this first course, I literally have cried a number of times and praised God for bringing me to this course. It truly is my heart’s desire to help others become more like Jesus and to live in a deep relationship with our Creator.