Where did Our Daily Bread University come from?


Dear Friends:

Is it possible to bring quality biblical education and training to the world at low to no cost to the learner? We believe it is!

In 1994 while serving as the chief financial officer at a leading seminary in the US, I was concerned about the escalating cost of delivering quality Christian education and training. As I met with many of our students, deep in debt after completing their degrees, I was convinced there must be alternatives. After much prayer and counsel from others, I began to work with leading communicators and technical experts to forge a new way of education and training.

We continue to encourage formal education and training at accredited universities and seminaries. But for many, the costs are prohibitive, especially in areas where Christianity is growing and Christian leaders lack formal education or training. We exist to help fill this need. Our ministry is also committed to being open-handed with our content by partnering with other like-minded ministries where we can be even more effective together.

For almost 30 years we have seen the dramatic growth of online and other forms of digital learning, and our ministry has been one of the leaders in these efforts.

Students will now find on our website over 200 courses in English with other language options at https://odbu.org/languages. And by God’s gracious provision through underwriting from our parent ministry and generous donors and foundations, we offer over 25 of these courses for free. For those desiring certification of their study, we offer a “Premium” option for a small monthly fee.

Our Daily Bread University is uniquely and strategically positioned to provide affordable and accessible biblical training worldwide. Through prayer and participation, you can play a vital role in equipping the next generations for the global church! 

How will you use Our Daily Bread University to help disciple your friends and church community? Leave us a comment below to let us know.

Evan Morgan
Founder & Vice President Our Daily Bread University


  1. Thanks to ODBU I can study the Bible at a price I can afford. It brings great richness to my life and outworking blessing to those around me. The structure of the courses suits my needs very well.

  2. @burges Paul, thank you so much for this encouraging message! We’re so glad to have you part of the ODBU family.

  3. Contemplating retirement from my secular job brought an unexplainable loss of peace even though I was SURE God was leading me to do so. After much prayer, peace came when I considered increasing my learning in the things that would help me understand more clearly the things for which God had given me to do, namely teaching His word. I have been a Sunday School teacher for about 45 years. That peace became clearer and God’s direction for me was confirmed when I “stumbled “ across ODBU .

    May God continue to bless this great and Godly vision that has come to fruition!

  4. I truly enjoyed this university because of the plethora of information that I’ve obtained through this learning medium. I’ve gone to school and paid thousands of dollars and yet still have not been able to be comfortable with what Ive gained. I am using this as an ongoing, stepping stool, to help me in the area God is calling me to be. Thank you for having a heart of generosity and a heart that cares about the people. i’m glad that you think the word is so important than the cost but yet we paid the cost to find Jesus in every class and every learning pathway, which is very minimal to manage.  thank you so much for this opportunity. 

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