“Put the land underneath your feet”: A Conversation about Biblical Geography

Photo by Laura Siegal on Unsplash

Have you ever wanted to go to the Holy Land and feel the sacred land under your feet? 

Ever wondered what role geography plays in the story and meaning of the Bible?

Check out our new Conversations interview with Dr. Cyndi Parker, author, podcaster, and expert on the theology of biblical places. Dr. Parker will open your eyes to the way that places provide theological cues. Discover what these cues reveal about the significance of biblical characters and events.

She will change the way you read:

  • Psalm 23
  • Jesus’ baptism in the Jordan River
  • Jesus and the Samaritan woman

If you want to learn more about biblical geography, check out our course Biblical Geography Basics with John Beck.

Watch Dr. Parker’s interview with Tim Laniak now.