Biblical Geography Basics

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Although the Bible is not a geography book, it is a book filled with geography—geography that shaped the way the writers of the Bible thought and communicated. Therefore, to the degree that we miss or misunderstand the geography in our Bibles, we may miss or misunderstand a part of what the Lord wants to share with us. This course, led by Jack Beck, is designed to explore the absolutely vital relationship between what the Almighty has to say and the place from which He says it.


  1. Understand that geography is used frequently and widely throughout all portions of the Bible to communicate God’s thoughts to us.
  2. Know that geography plays a significant role in delivering the message of the Bible, especially God’s plan of salvation.
  3. Understand the importance of organizing the Bible geographically to see the relationships between portions of the Bible that are linked to one another by location.
  4. Understand the basic geographical features of the Fertile Crescent and the Promised Land and their impact on travel, water acquisition, weather, and culture.
  5. Understand how the geography of the Promised Land influenced the biblical writers’ lives, language, and cultural context.
John Beck, PhD
  • Trinity International University, MDiv, ThM, and PhD

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