Announcing a Change to ODBU Course Levels

Our Daily Bread University

Have you noticed a change in ODBU’s course levels on the “All Courses” page?

Traditionally, our courses were labeled Basic, Intermediate, and Advanced. These terms related to the academic rigor of the course content. 

Recently, we reevaluated our courses from the perspective of where our learners are in their spiritual journeys. We used research from the Center for Bible Engagement  to help us understand what truly motivates Christians to engage and grow in their faith. 

Here are the new learner-focused definitions of our course levels:

  • Seeker: These courses are perfect for anyone who is curious about the Christian faith.
  • Apprentice: These courses are ideal for the new believer who wants to build their foundational knowledge of the Bible and the Christian faith.
  • Disciple: These courses build on a foundational knowledge of the Bible and Christian faith to provide a deeper and wider understanding of discipleship.
  • Leader: These courses are designed for those experienced disciples who are feeling called to be leaders and disciple-makers.

We hope these new terms will help you easily identify courses that will meet you where you are and help you grow in your knowledge and faith!