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Ten Reasons to Believe in a God Who Allows Suffering

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This study is intended to challenge us to wrestle with difficult issues of faith. The Bible calls us to “test all things” (1 Thessalonians 5:21), and we can do that because our faith is grounded in fact and well-reasoned thought. Difficult questions, such as, “Why God Allows Suffering,” can find deep, soul-satisfying answers in the pages of Scripture, resulting in confidence born out of eternal truth.

Legacy Collection
This class was taught by world-class evangelical professors. Those seeking to dig deeper into their faith at the college or seminary level will find these resources valuable. Several classes in the collection are from the Institute of Theological Studies (ITS), which was acquired by ODBU.

  1. To introduce students to the basic fundamentals of the Christian faith.
  2. To provide scholarly and historical evidence for the validity of Christianity.
  3. To encourage logical thinking in evaluating the authenticity of the teachings of Jesus and of the Bible.
  • Wonderful course that I will go back and review often!

    — Pam, United States (US)
  • Lessons where very helpful and a blessing

    — Judith, United States (US)
  • I really loved this course. It was so beneficial to me today bccause I am in a very sad place right now regarding my son. Thanks so much for this. It brought me great comfort.

    — Clem, United States (US)
  • The way that Jesus showed compassion to others, is the way that we should show compassion here on earth.

    — Melissa, United States (US)
  • This course answered many of the questions that I have been wondering about for many years. Needless to say, I feel more enlightened and confident that I would be able to provide some answers for those seeking answers to questions about God and suffering.

    — Suzanne helen, Australia
  • Very enlightening and helpful!

    — Cindy, United States (US)
  • The timing of this course is perfect!

    — Shelle, United States (US)
  • The course was beneficial in helping me understand some of the reasons why God allows suffering that I had not previously considered. I enjoyed the lectures and articles that were presented in the course and thought they tied in well with the Scriptures that were included in each lesson.

    — Karrie, United States (US)
  • With all I have been through, I realy needed to see the whole picture of why we suffer and it was good for my soul

    — Greer, United States (US)
  • I choose this course because there are people I am close to who are suffering greatly, they need Christ. This course equipped me to speak into their sufferings if given the opportunity.

    — Susan, United States (US)
  • This course was so encouraging to me....that suffering is not wasted but a sign of God's love.

    — Jennifer, United States (US)
  • Love these Day of Discovery apologetics courses!

    — Scott, United States (US)
  • I was very pleased with this course. My understanding and knowledge of God has grown and I feel I have more confidence in talking to non believers

    — Cory, United States (US)
  • This was a very informative and interesting course.

    — Deborah, United States (US)
  • I was very please by this course. I originally needed it to finish my Bible CEUs, but learned beyond what I expected. Thank you 😊

    — Venissa, United States (US)
  • This course has helped me to understand the true meaning of suffering in my life and this has strengthened my faith to God. I am actually equipped to remain strong and grateful in the midst of any suffering.

    — Gildas, United States (US)
  • I really loved the course. It was encouraging, deep, and had excellent talking points.

    — Naomi, United States (US)
  • This course really put my present journey into the righteous perspective that l’ve needed- thank you!

    — Leslie, United States (US)
  • I really enjoyed Dr. Grounds section on the compassion of Jesus!!!

    — Jon, United States (US)
  • This course was perhaps the best of the 4 courses I've taken at Our Daily Bread University thus far, although others have been good. I greatly enjoyed the class time lectures, which include testimonies, of sort. The reading material also was exceptionally valuable learning material.

    — Lanesha, United States (US)
  • I like this course and the books. They were very informative.

    — Susan, United States (US)
  • So thankful that was enrolled in this course during the worst pandemic of my lifetime, thus far. I was moved by the readings, Scriptures, and testimonies of the contributing authors. I will share my reflections with family and friends as a means of witness to the mercies, grace, and goodness of God as He has proven Himself to me.

    — Pernelope, United States (US)
  • Very fun and educational!! Very good!!!

    — Major, United States (US)
  • Sitting across the globe not able to find this kind of in-depth Bible study around where I live, I am very grateful for the opportunity to grow in Christ and my understanding of the Bible through these classes. In a life situation that confronts me very much with the question about where God is in all of humankind's suffering, this course provided many wonderful answers I hope through the grace of God to pass on to those in need.

    — Jane, United States (US)
  • This course is helping me to see how God uses pain for good in my life. It’s also showing me how people think and how they think when in a lot of I confessed pain. It’s been a blessing to be reminded of how deep, wide, and high the Love of God is.

    — Evon, United States (US)
  • This course was very very useful in providing answers as everyone will wrestle with some form of pain and suffering in this life.

    — Danny, United States (US)
  • One of my favorite courses. The illustrations given in the videos are priceless.

    — Donald, United States (US)
  • I loved this very much and it helped me to say the words very clearly in why God allows suffering.

    — Regina, United States (US)
  • This course has caused me to seek to deal with current health issues in more positive ways by handing them over to God rather than trying to figure things out for myself.

    — Diana, United States (US)
  • I learned more about God's compassion and the power of Christ's suffering. I also enjoyed the testimonies about God's grace and strength through suffering.

    — Brian, United States (US)
  • Very interesting and stimulating our minds to understand why there’s sufferings in this world, and not to look at these sufferings only as negative ways but also in very positive ways to strength our hopes in God. This course is a must to read and listen for believers and non to understand the warnings that God placed in us all walks of life. Thank God for this course and God bless all of you who put these courses together. Thank you.

    — Masayoshi, United States (US)
  • I thoroughly enjoyed the booklets.

    — Jessica, United States (US)
  • These lessons are completely changing the way I think and see how to speak to others about Jesus as well as how I see how He loves me. It's opening up a realm of love and faith that had been shut for a very long time for me and I am extremely grateful.

    — Vanessa, United States (US)
  • This was a very fulfilling class and I am grateful that it is available on line.

    — Donald, United States (US)

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