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Be Prepared to Give an Answer

A defense of objective truth, the Christian worldview, arguments for God's existence, and some objections to the faith will be discussed in this course.


In this course, Dr. Douglas Groothuis, professor of philosophy, will give a comprehensive introduction to Christian apologetics. He will discuss the nature of apologetics, how to defend objective truth, the nature of the Christian worldview, the arguments for God’s existence, and some objections to the Christian faith such as the problem of evil.

The course was developed in collaboration with Denver Seminary faculty.

  • Describe Christian apologetics, its importance, and some general apologetic methods.
  • Discuss and defend objective truth.
  • Explain the Christian worldview and its relevance to Christian apologetics.
  • Respond to false claims against Christianity.
  • Articulate several different apologetic arguments to make a cumulative case for Christianity.
  • Identify important facts about the Bible and defend it as a reliable, historical document.
  • Describe the person of Jesus and support the claims that He is divine and rose from the dead.
  • Demonstrate that Christianity is distinct from all other religions.
  • Address the problems of evil and hell.
  • Incredible amount of very useful information, thank you!

    — Steven, United States (US)
  • Thank you for providing this course! I have enjoyed it, and it has definitely helped me to understand my faith, and I feel more equipped to be able to defend it as well as share my faith.

    — Lisa, United States (US)
  • Corso Ottimo e ben articolato.

    — Giovanni, Italy
  • Great great course that I plan to come back through and review again for reminders in Apologetics!

    — Pam, United States (US)
  • The course was interesting and challenging. I enjoyed the instructor.

    — John, United States (US)
  • The lessons helped me to compare Christianity and other religions. I am happy that I have found the true and living God. Amen.

    — OOI LOO, Malaysia
  • I enjoyed this course. It has encouraged me to be bolder in sharing the gospel of Christ. I especially appreciated Dr. Groothuis's testimony at the end.  

    — Peggy, United States (US)
  • The information was excellent, there's just a lot to take in. Might be better to have more lessons, with shorter videos (like 30 minute segments vs. hour segments).  

    — Jennifer, United States (US)
  • A great course, with a passionate lecturer - enjoyed thoroughly the content although I did struggle with Lesson 2 and 3. Had to view the videos 3 times to understand and appreciate the intricacy of the arguments. I like the fact that Dr. Groothuis made so much reference to Scripture. The course is deeply ground biblically. As an Asian, and somewhat acquainted with the Eastern religions, Dr. Groothuis's treatment of Buddhism and Islam is both accurate and fair. The course objectives are so helpful as it set out upfront one's expectation for the lecture.

    — Meng Poo, Malaysia
  • At times a difficult course but I am glad I did it.

    — Aileen, Australia
  • I loved having an outline to follow for each lecture. It helped me organise the learning easily in my mind. The lectures were very well structured making it easy to retain the material. Dr Groothuis spoke clearly; not too fast and not too slow. The perfect speed for absorbing knowledge. I feel I have a much more enhanced grasp of Apologetics now. Thank you Dr Groothuis and ODBU.

    — Gaynor, New Zealand
  • Good course. Very straightforward and fluid lecturing from Professor Groothuis. I would recommend having something other than a dark background or maybe have a variety of backgrounds for the various topics.

    — Phil, United States (US)
  • This course has prompted me to do further research and study in the area of apologetics. To me, that is a mark of a successful course.

    — Jennifer, United States (US)
  • The lecture was a little slow and made me tired. I printed it and read it and it was a lot better.

    — Natalia, United States (US)
  • I have appreciated Dr. G's lectures and teachings very much. They are academical, but I feel he also adds a personal touch so I doesn't all feel like points on a slide. I would like to hear the logical arguments for the Trinity as this seems a more "mystical" aspect that I take on faith. However the arguments for other points given were great. I also appreciate the point that Apologetics can be used to help believers with doubts. As there have been points in my life I also doubted, but I didn't logically resolve it... I Praise God that He has seen fit to keep me grounded in His Word and knowledge of my need for a Savior!

    — Kirby, China
  • I thoroughly enjoyed Dr, Groothuis' lectures. I found him to be engaging, and presented an otherwise intimidating subject in a manner that stirred my interest and caused me to really consider doing further studies on the matter of apologetics. (I even purchased Prof. G.'s book "The Knowledge of God in the World and the Word (the book and workbook). I am looking forward to diving in. Thank you ODBU for this offering.

    — Pamela, United States (US)
  • This course has provided me with a good basis on how to show others that the Bible is the Word of God. It has shown me good arguments to prove the reality of Christ, that He lived, died for our sins, and was resurrected.

    — Suzanne helen, Australia
  • Thank you so much, this course has helped me to have more tools and other ways to spread the Gospel!

    — Graciela, Mexico
  • I enjoyed it. It was definitely a lot of process and thinking of a vast amount of information but very excited to continue to study and process some of the notes I took.

    — Amanda, United States (US)
  • Ok

    — Joshua, United States (US)
  • Very knowledgeable professor, who deals with philosophical arguments with respect and a authentic search for what is true and logical.

    — Sarah, United States (US)

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