How to Teach the Bible

This course introduces the skills that will guide a Bible teacher step-by-step through the process of preparing an effective Bible-study course or session.

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Teaching the Bible to others is an important responsibility that should be practiced with great care. This course introduces the foundational skills that will guide a Bible teacher step-by-step through the process of preparing an effective Bible-study course or session.

  1. Explain why it is essential to teach the Bible well.
  2. Prepare a Bible passage to teach in various lesson formats.
  3. Generate and write clearly stated lesson goals.
  4. Prepare a lesson’s introduction, outline, and conclusion.
  5. Describe and use methods to increase quality student participation in a lesson.
  • This is a great course to learn how to study the Bible for groups and personal use. The tools provided are invaluable and will be used to boost your learning of the Word of God. I highly recommend this for beginners and maybe for a refresher. Great course!

    — Tarsha, United States
  • I have been an instructor in Law Enforcement for over 15 years. This course provided useful and new information that will improve my teaching in the future, both in Biblical Studies and in other teaching opportunities. Highly recommended.

    — Tim, United States
  • This course helped me to become more intentional about my engagement with students. I will definitely add these practices.

    — Clevette, United States
  • Well-planned and constructed

    — Esosa, United States
  • This course is right for teachers new to teaching the Bible.

    — Elaine, Canada
  • This was a very basic course. However, there were some good practical tips that will help me as a Bible teacher.

    — Cherie, United States
  • It was a good course.

    — Paul, United States
  • Good structured and refreshing approach to teaching Scriptures

    — Ang, Singapore
  • I thank Our Daily Bread University for providing this course. I am a Sunday School teacher and this course enhanced my knowledge. Therefore, I am going to apply what I have learned from this course in my church in Sunday School.  

    — Youbendjy, United States
  • Each lesson I take, helps me to grow a little more in my desire to live for Christ's sake and be a light in the midst of darkness, amen.

    — Keith, United States
  • I learned so much. Not a boring moment. The teacher was great to. Thank you so much

    — Flaxen, United States
  • It was eye opening and opened my eyes to different aspects of preparing and teaching. Thank you

    — Oluwatoyin, United States
  • Excellent presentation, easy to follow and comprehend as well as very practical. Good job ODB University. I have already recommended this course to all our Sunday school teachers.

    — Moronkeji, United States
  • Helpful information

    — Lynna, United States
  • The materials were very well presented. Thank you.

    — Merle, Canada
  • While I found the content helpful, I feel this audio course was not up to the caliber of Our Daily Bread Ministries.

    — Wesley, United States
  • A good course!

    — Russell, Canada
  • Good basic course.

    — Arlo, United States
  • Very clear and effective in learning the skill of how to teach.

    — Sigfried, Caribbean Netherlands
  • Very good.

    — James, United States
  • Gave me considerable insight as to my teaching and preaching preparation.

    — Timothy, United States
  • Not easy to understand and it's challenging.

    — Alex ow yong, Singapore
  • This course made me realize how much I didn’t know about teaching the Bible and gave me much to ponder on and consider. I’ll keep in mind that when I go to read or study the Bible, that all Scripture is useful for teaching, rebuking, correcting, and training in righteousness so that I can be fully equipped. I will also be making use of the recommended study tools.

    — Pauline, United Kingdom
  • I learned a lot I pray to use what I have learned

    — Willie, United States
  • I enjoyed the course. It taught me new strategies and helpful hints that will improve my teaching.

    — Donna, United States
  • Helped me to become more structured.

    — Sandra, United States
  • Reminded me how I can improve as a teacher to help the students understand the Bible.

    — Virginia, United States
  • Overall I think this is a great course for anyone who wants more information on teaching or even just personal study of God's Word.

    — John, United States
  • This course was very helpful to me in explaining why we teach, how to prepare a lesson, and getting students involved. I plan to move forward in other courses that the teacher had suggested in lesson 2.

    — Chet, United States
  • Excellent all around!

    — Charles, United States
  • This was a very good course; I sure will recommended it to some of my co-ministers.

    — Gerald, United States
  • I learned so much valuable information from each lesson, and I’m confident that I will be able to study and teach the Bible more effectively.

    — Mary, United States
  • This is a very informative course enabling teachers to learn how best to interact in order to obtain results in conveying God's Word to students, which is our mission as teachers.

    — Angie, United States
  • This course offered a lot of fundamentals related to Bible teachings and translations.

    — Jose, United States
  • Thanks for the course; it is well designed and lets us understand more how to teach the Bible in a systematic method.

    — Catina, United States
  • This course helps me to prepare for teaching and guiding Sunday School Lessons. I am more confident in teaching the Bible than before taking this course.

    — Cam, United States
  • I found this course to be an excellent course.

    — Edward, United States
  • Some great foundational teaching methods/skills are taught in this course. It is extremely practical. Thank you.

    — Grace, United States
  • This course provided me with much to consider and apply as I teach from my youngest grandchildren to the younger women I mentor and up through my older small group members. Thank you!

    — Laura, United States
  • This course overall is extremely awesome because I am a lay speaker and occasionally preach. Through this lesson, the Holy Spirit is impressing on my heart and mind the steps I need to do in preparing for my messages. This is a excellent course. I have taken some of the courses that enhance this course when it was recommended. This course has given a wonderful guideline in how to prepare and study the Bible for teaching God's Word. Thank you.

    — Evon, United States
  • Great tools for student and teacher!

    — Calvin, United States
  • I appreciated the course being to the point. There was no fluff and the information got to heart of what it means to teach the Bible.

    — Tanisca, United States
  • It was very simply put and easy to apply to my current situation in teaching.

    — Paul, United States
  • Excellent and spiritually filling

    — Rafeal, United States
  • Wow! I definitely loved this course I will review it again. It was an amazing journey.

    — Josue, United States
  • I was grateful for the insight in what was needful for teaching. I am now in a position to improve my technique.

    — Juliana, United States
  • I actually recommended this to 5 people involved in church ministry already and they are interested.

    — Diana, United States
  • This was an excellent course and I know that I will be able to be effective in reaching others through my ministry. Thank you for such an amazing and fulfilling course! May God continue to bless you abundantly!

    — Vera, United States
  • Excellent course. Each lesson was formatted for understanding. This course was designed to guide Sunday School teachers in the right direction on how to implement strategies that can be used on any age level of teaching. The assessment at the end of each lesson was challenging and rewarding.

    — Eliza, United States
  • It is helpful and encouraging to improve how to teach students in any areas.

    — Rasiman, United States

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