How to Teach the Bible

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Level: IntermediateNumber of Lessons: 4Avg. Length: 13 Min.Time Required: 1.5 Hours MinimumCourse Code: HR202
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Teaching the Bible to others is an important responsibility that should be practiced with great care. This course introduces the foundational skills that will guide a Bible teacher step-by-step through the process of preparing an effective Bible-study course or session.


  1. Explain why it is essential to teach the Bible well.
  2. Prepare a Bible passage to teach in various lesson formats.
  3. Generate and write clearly stated lesson goals.
  4. Prepare a lesson’s introduction, outline, and conclusion.
  5. Describe and use methods to increase quality student participation in a lesson.
Sid Buzzell, PhD
  • Michigan State University, PhD
  • Dallas Theological Seminary, ThM
  • Philadelphia College of the Bible, BS

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