Ultimate Leadership II

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Level: IntermediateNumber of Lessons: 5Avg. Length: 60 Min.Time Required: 6 Hours MinimumCourse Code: ML220
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Based on spiritual principles of leadership and character development, this five-lesson course offers studies on Setting Boundaries, Identifying Travel Companions, Dealing with Toxic People and more. The Ultimate Leadership course will give you practical skills that will increase your success in every area of life.

This course is provided by Cloud/Townsend (growthskills.org)


  1. Identify skills you need to develop in order to set boundaries.
  2. Understand how to ask someone to be one of your traveling companions.
  3. Articulate why your personal growth journey is important to your leadership.
  4. Diagnose a toxic person appropriately.
Henry Cloud, PhD
  • Biola University, PhD
  • Southern Methodist University, BS

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John Townsend, PhD
  • Rosemead School of Psychology, Biola University, PhD
  • Dallas Theological Seminary, ThM
  • North Carolina State University, BA

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