Holy Land I

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Level: BasicNumber of Lessons: 8Avg. Length: 9 Min.Time Required: 4 Hours MinimumCourse Code: OT103
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As the biblical story of salvation moves forward in time, it is always firmly anchored on the ground. The locations we read about in Scripture are not incidental; they are integral to the telling of each event. This course takes you to regions throughout Israel to experience the land, the culture, and the customs that surround the sacred stories of the Bible. You’ll begin in Jerusalem as the base for your study and then move through the regions of the Judean Hill Country and the Jezreel Valley, seeing familiar Bible stories in new ways as Dr. John (Jack) Beck explains the significance of where they played out. This course aims to open your eyes to the way the land and ancient culture shaped life and shapes our understanding of Bible stories. The video series is provided by Our Daily Bread Ministries.


  • Recognize why the Jerusalem stories are an important part of understanding and reading God’s Word and explain how God made Himself present in Jerusalem in a unique way.
  • Explore and experience key biblical sites, including Jerusalem, the Tomb of the Patriarchs, Bethlehem, the Church of the Nativity, the Jezreel Valley, Gideon’s Spring, and Megiddo.
  • Explain the significance of the biblical stories that took place at these sites.
  • Describe the relationship between geography and the stories explored in this course.
  • Understand some of the present-day cultures and customs of these regions.
John Beck, PhD
  • Trinity International University, MDiv, ThM, and PhD

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