Along the Road

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Level: BasicNumber of Lessons: 7Avg. Length: 8 Min.Time Required: 3 Hours MinimumCourse Code: NT103
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While walking the roads of the Holy Land, Jesus often taught His followers lessons that would come down to us through God’s Word. But from our perspective—in our very different time and place—many of the Lord’s allusions to the surrounding landscape have been lost. In this seven-lesson course, Dr. John (Jack) Beck highlights how the land provided talking points both to the original disciples and to us today. The video series is provided by Our Daily Bread Ministries.


  • Understand the geography of places like Bethlehem, Nazareth, Nain, Shunem, the Gihon Spring, Jerusalem, the Decapolis, Dan, Caesarea Philippi, and Mount Arbel and how their geography gives deeper meaning to the events that occurred there.
  • Identify connections between several Bible stories and describe how the geography of the land helps make these connections.
  • Gain a new perspective on familiar Bible stories through understanding the geographical significance of their locations.
John Beck, PhD
  • Trinity International University, MDiv, ThM, and PhD

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