Old Testament Theology I: Pentateuch and Former Prophets

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Level: AdvancedNumber of Lessons: 24Avg. Length: 43 Min.Time Required: 34 Hours MinimumCEUs: 4.83Course Code: OT511
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In order to understand and apply any passage of Scripture faithfully, one must begin with the foundational concepts and theology that precede and inform it. Averbeck introduces the content and theology of the books of Genesis through Kings, identifying the foundational themes that emerge and tracing them through the rest of the Bible. In this way, he shows how the theology of the Old Testament is basic and essential for understanding Jesus Christ, the church, and the Christian life.

Legacy Collection
This course is part of a collection of courses taught by world-class evangelical professors from across the globe on a variety of topics. The lessons are presented on an intermediate to college or seminary level and provide a wealth of information for those who want to dig deeper into their faith. Select courses in the collection are from the Institute of Theological Studies (ITS), which was acquired by Our Daily Bread University.


  1. Identify various genres of literature in Genesis through Kings and learn to interpret them with credibility.
  2. Articulate the significance of Genesis 1-11 as the primeval historical and theological foundation for understanding our human experience in the world.
  3. Understand how the Pentateuch (Genesis-Deuteronomy) lays the historical and especially the theological foundation for the Former Prophets (Joshua-Kings) and for the rest of the Bible.
  4. Understand how the Pentateuch and the Former Prophets ft together within the canon, and how they contribute to our understanding of faith experience in ancient Israel.
  5. Value the ways in which Ancient Near Eastern literature can inform our reading of Scripture.
  6. Become familiar with the history recorded in Genesis through Kings and its relationship to the history of the surrounding Ancient Near Eastern world.
  7. Trace the overall historical progression of God’s covenantal redemptive program from Genesis through Revelation.
  8. Value all of the above goals as crucial to an ongoing study of the whole canon of Scripture as well as foundational to the way we live our Christian lives and pursue our ministries.
Richard E. Averbeck, PhD
  • Annenberg Research Institute at the University of Pennsylvania, PhD
  • Grace Theological Seminary, MDiv and MA
  • Calvary Bible College, BA

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