Your Kingdom Come: The Doctrine of Eschatology

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Level: AdvancedNumber of Lessons: 4Avg. Length: 64 Min.Time Required: 7 Hours MinimumCEUs: 1.5Course Code: ST321
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The topic of eschatology, or the end times, has fascinated people for centuries. But what does the Bible say about this extraordinary subject? What future has God planned for his creation and his people? In this series, we examine what the Scriptures teach about the last days, including a variety of challenging topics, such as the afterlife, the general resurrection, and the consummation of Christ’s messianic kingdom in the new heavens and new earth.

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  1. Trace God’s goal for creation throughout history.
  2. Describe the present, intermediate and final states of human beings.
  3. Explore the final events of history from Christ’s return and the millennium to the new creation.
Matt Friedeman, PhD
  • University of Kansas, PhD
  • Asbury Theological Seminary, MDiv
  • University of Kansas, BA and MA

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