Our Saving Faith

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Level: BasicNumber of Lessons: 6Avg. Length: 4 Min.Time Required: 3 Hours MinimumCourse Code: UY102
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This world was once a perfect place where God and Adam and Eve had a perfect relationship. Unfortunately the world did not stay that way. This course will reveal how that once-perfect relationship was wrecked through sin and that now all mankind is born sinful. You will also learn about the one person who can wipe away all your sin. This is a great course for group study with teens and those searching for truth about God.

This course is provided by Urban Youth (uywi.org)


  • Understand the unique dignity humans possess and the responsibility attached to that dignity.
  • Understand the relationships between God and Adam and Eve, and between Adam and Eve, before sin entered the world.
  • Define and describe sin, how it entered the world, and how it affects people and relationships.
  • Explain the cost of sin and what it means to be a slave to sin.
  • Explain who Jesus Christ is, what He did, why He did it, and its significance.
  • Explain what it means to be a new creature in Jesus Christ.
D. A. Horton
  • Calvary Theological Seminary, MA
  • Calvary Bible College, BA

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