Growing in the Faith

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Level: BasicNumber of Lessons: 6Avg. Length: 5 Min.Time Required: 3 Hours MinimumCourse Code: UY104
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This course takes an in-depth look at what it means to follow Christ while learning how to study His words on being a disciple.

This course is provided by Urban Youth (


  • Understand the goal of studying the Bible and describe useful tools and strategies for Bible study.
  • Explain what the Great Commission is and how Jesus helps us fulfill it.
  • Describe what it means to “take up your cross” and follow Jesus.
  • Explain why you cannot be your own savior and what it means to trust Jesus to save you.
  • Understand the difference between pursuing God and pursuing the world’s offerings.
  • Explain what it means to live unashamed of the gospel.
D. A. Horton
  • Calvary Theological Seminary, MA
  • Calvary Bible College, BA

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