Overview and Objectives

Lesson Overview

This lesson studies Jesus’ life as recorded in Matthew and Mark. Their purpose, background, emphases, and audiences are explored. Similarities and differences between each writer’s record and the other three gospels are presented and explained to give you a fuller understanding of the incomprehensible Jesus.

Lesson Objectives

When you complete this lesson, you should be able to do the following:

  • Discuss authorship, audience, dating, and purpose for writing Matthew and Mark.
  • Name and explain the major themes and the outlines of Matthew and Mark .
  • Explain how Matthew and Mark each portray Jesus and why they did so.
  • Gain greater appreciation for the amazing person Jesus Christ is.
Personal Reflection

As you proceed through this lesson have the following question in mind.
Dr. Blomberg demonstrates that the four gospel writers present Jesus with certain distinctives due, in part, to the different audiences they were addressing. If you were composing an account of Christ's life for the modern reader in your culture, what themes about Jesus' life and teaching would you emphasize? Why?

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