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Overview and Objectives

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Lesson Overview

Where do the parables lead us? In this final lesson, Dr. Craig Blomberg explains that “True Biblical understanding goes beyond the intellect. It goes to a heart attitude, it goes to a matter of the will. The real understanding that some never grasp is the understanding that leads to taking the next step, the step of discipleship.” They lead us to Christ himself.

Here we will look at two final stories, non-canonical parables, themes, and the Christology of the parables.

Lesson Objectives

When you complete this lesson, you should be able to do the following:

  • Describe the unique structures of The Children in the Marketplace and The Sheep and the Goats parables.
  • Briefly explain Gnosticism and its relationship to the Gospel of Thomas.
  • Examine the eleven parables found in the Gospel of Thomas.
  • Explain how the biblical narrative can be described as having a triangular structure.
  • Summarize the theology of the parables.
  • Summarize what the parables teach us about Jesus.
Personal Reflection

As you proceed through this lesson have the following question in mind.
How can we summarize, theologically, doctrinally, thematically, what we’ve learned?