A New Bible Journey

Thanks to a new partnership with Bible Journey, we have 45 NEW courses coming your way!

The first 8 courses begin with the Pentateuch (the first 5 books of the Old Testament) and will be released every Friday through December 22.

  • Old Testament Field Guide: Released TODAY (November 3)
  • Genesis, Part 1: Covenant Relationship Initiated: Releasing November 10
  • Genesis, Part 2: Covenant Family Established: Releasing November 17
  • Exodus, Part 1: Covenant People Rescued: Releasing November 24
  • Exodus, Part 2: Holy Calling, Holy Place: Releasing December 1
  • Leviticus: Holy Priesthood, Holy Offerings: Releasing December 8
  • Leviticus and Numbers: Holy Days, Holy People: Releasing December 15
  • Numbers and Deuteronomy: Looking Back, Heading Home: Releasing December 22

After all of these courses are released, a new Pentateuch Learning Path will also be available (December 22), where you can earn a Certificate of Completion for completing the whole group.

Beginning in the New Year, we will release courses and learning paths for

  • The Gospels
  • History and Poetry
  • Acts and Paul’s Epistles
  • Prophecy and Restoration
  • General Epistles and Revelation

Don’t want to wait?


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