The Da Vinci Code – Separating Fact From Fiction

The DaVinci Code makes readers wonder if all their beliefs about Christ and the Bible are wrong. This course will explore answers to The Da Vinci Code's questions.

The Da Vinci Code has been on the New York Times Bestseller List since its release and is one of the most widely read books of our time. This novel, however, is more than a page-turning murder mystery. The Da Vinci Code is a conspiracy theory that leaves many readers wondering whether everything they have believed about Christ and the Bible is wrong. This study will strengthen your confidence in God’s Word as you find biblical answers to questions raised by The Da Vinci Code.

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  1. To introduce students to the basic fundamentals of the Christian faith.
  2. To provide scholarly and historical evidence for the validity of Christianity.
  3. To encourage logical thinking in evaluating the authenticity of the teachings of Jesus and of the Bible.
  • If you have questions about Christianity due to 'The Da Vinci Code' please take this course.

    — Kirby, China
  • An excellent course!

    — Russell, Canada
  • Great! I loved the videos and seeing all the historical sites mentioned in the lectures.

    — Kristin, United States
  • It was my first time getting exposed to the Da Vinci Code. The course was very amazing and the videos made it more clear.  

    — Farai, South Africa
  • I am glad that the people who researched the historical record really went to Israel, showing the places where Bible events took place. It helps me to discern fiction from the Da Vinci code.

    — Hananya, Indonesia
  • Great course!

    — Brittney, United States
  • It has been many years since "The DaVinci Code" came out and remember how much of an impact it had on our culture. It was great to see how the Word of God can be used to defend the accusations and claims put out by Brown in his book.

    — Larissa, United States
  • Interesting

    — Joyce, United States
  • Thank you professors of this course for all the information you have taught me.

    — Monica, United States
  • I have thoroughly enjoyed and learned from this course. I love the video portions where I can see who is talking and the land around them but even just listening to the lectures was wonderful. I will take more courses along this line. Thank you for offering it.

    — Sidney, United States
  • Extremely interesting content. Very valid and interesting articles. I will reread these articles for sure! As a teacher, I do think the quizzes sometimes focused on minute details that did not align with objectives, BUT still an over great course!

    — Sharon, United States
  • This course contained some very good information and held my attention and interest to further my reading on this topic.

    — Alexa, United States
  • I thought the content was presented well and was very interesting! I really learned a lot. I plan to read The Da Vinci Code soon and will be using a critical eye and what I learned in this course to evaluate it as I go. Thank you!

    — Hannah, United States
  • I learned a lot and the Holy Spirit brought illumination to my understanding. I feel as if I’ve gained a wealth of wisdom in taking the course.

    — Evon, United States
  • I learned so much and I am very thankful. The video, readings and scripture passages complemented each other well and the question forum was helpful and relevant.

    — Maria, United States
  • I learned a lot from this. Hope to carry it on.

    — Susan, United States
  • This course gave me a great insight to the Da Vinci Code and the truth.

    — Kenneth, United States
  • Very interesting topic

    — Christine, United States
  • The history and background of the Constantine’s faith in Christ gave me understanding but too many repeats of this book too boring to me. I never read the book and my faith too deep to be reading this book. I remember when it came out on book and movie but I never even thought about watching or reading the book, completely not interested.

    — Masayoshi, United States
  • I enjoyed this course and learned a lot. I now feel better equipped in answering peoples' questions or allegations based on what they have read in the Da Vinci code.

    — Jessica, United States
  • Very pleased with the course. Looking forward to more courses.

    — Barry, United States

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