We Believe in God

Explore theology's core: God's nature, attributes, plan, and historical works. Essential for self-understanding. Based on the We Believe in God lectures.

This course briefly surveys what theologians call theology proper or the doctrine of God. It deals with questions such as: Who is God? What are His attributes? What is His eternal plan? What are His works in history? At the most fundamental level, the Scriptures were given to teach us about who God is and what He has done for us. In fact, knowing God is essential for us to understand ourselves and our world. This course is based on the lecture series, We Believe in God, and hosted by Rev. Dr. Thurman Williams with contributions from a variety of professors.

This course is provided by Third Millennium Ministries (thirdmill.org)

  1. Introduce the primary concerns of systematic theologians in regard to theology proper.
  2. Discuss a systematic approach to discerning God’s attributes.
  3. Survey God’s plan and works, especially His decrees, creation and providence.
  • Consiglio vivamente questo corso ben argomentato. E' una vero arricchimento sulla conoscenza di Dio! Al tempo stesso un grande incoraggiamento a vivere sempre meglio la relazione con Dio che ha sempre voluto e amato prendersi cura dell'uomo e in particolare di coloro che lo hanno ricevuto come Dio Signore e Salvatore.

    — Giovanni, Italy
  • I felt truly enriched and blessed by this study.

    — Mela, Nigeria
  • Very insightful

    — Roy, United States
  • Very interesting and informative. Good explanation of technical terms and concepts in theology proper.

    — Iain, United Kingdom
  • The course really stretched my mind and got me thinking about the many ways that God interacts with His creation. Although the theological terms kept me rereading the definitions, I learned how important these terms are to understand

    — Deborah, United States
  • I found this course quite challenging. There was what I would call a lot of abstract content and academic rhetoric. I took copious notes and still struggled with the quizzes. It was interesting and mind expanding but . . . I'm not likely to recommend it to any friends. It's just to tough. There are so many other choices at ODBU that I would recommend before this one.

    — Rockne, Canada
  • An excellent course!

    — Russell, Canada
  • I've been a serious Bible student for more than 45 years, and I have to admit that most of the ideas people have grappled over, as covered in this course, have never occurred to me.

    — Joyce, United States
  • It is a very good course. It opened my eyes to many things I never knew about the attributes of God. The instructors were awesome and excellent.

    — Olakunle, United States
  • I truly enjoyed this course. I feel fed and Spiritually nourished from it. I look forward to many more, just like this, as I grow in The Lord, His Word and His Wisdom. Thank you for teaching this, but more importantly, I thank God for using you for His Glory in teaching this. Thank You Lord.

    — , United States

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  • 4 Lessons
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Thurman Williams, DMin

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Course content is provided courtesy of Third Millennium Ministries.