Biblical Preaching: A Pastor’s Look at Homiletics

Those taking this course will gain an appreciation of the importance of preaching, learn how to prepare and deliver messages, as well as receive guidance.


Biblical preaching is a divinely ordained way of calling people to repentance and for edifying the people of God. It is communicating God’s Word to His people—standing between the world of Scripture and the world of people and speaking the truth of God. Some wonder whether preaching is an out-of-date form of communication and not of value to current church needs. Dr. Stott gives a clear presentation of the importance of the preaching ministry today. This course will enable pastors, teachers, and church leaders to understand the importance and power of preaching, to develop an awareness of true biblical preaching, and to receive practical guidance for preparing and delivering biblical messages.

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Study Guide
  1. Define the nature and purpose of biblical preaching and describe its key characteristics.
  2. Defend preaching as a permanently valid and vital means of communicating God’s Word to humanity both for salvation and edification.
  3. Answer objections to the value of preaching in today’s churches.
  4. Articulate a high view of the authority of Scripture and how that view should impact preaching.
  5. View expository preaching as the preferred approach to communicating God’s Word.
  6. Apply key principles of biblical interpretation.
  7. Gain experienced insight on sermon preparation and delivery.
  8. Develop sermons from single verses, paragraphs, chapters, and whole books.
  9. Appreciate the great heritage of Christian preachers in the Church.
  10. Value the awesome privilege and responsibility of the call to preach the Gospel.
  • It was a course worthy studying and listening. Lifetime change.

    — Farai, South Africa
  • Very grateful and thankful for the lessons.

    — Yohann, Singapore
  • Excellent course.

    — Courtney, United States
  • Dr. Stott was the best lecturer I have heard thus far in my studies. He was very easy to understand and taught authoritatively. His book, Two Worlds: The Challenge of Preaching Today, added greatly to this lesson.

    — Kim, United States
  • Best course on preaching I have ever had.

    — Michael, United States
  • This has to be one of the best lecture series I have taken. I am not a preacher, but I was curious about the office. I count it an honor to have been exposed to warmth and passion for the Word of God and for souls that Dr. Stott expressed through these lectures. Thank you for making them available.

    — Pamela, United States
  • I enjoyed the course and learned a lot about Homiletics from a Pastor's point of view. This is something I will use in the near future.

    — Demeka, United States
  • This course was delightfully in-depth. It was nourishing to my soul as I learned skills along the way. I am very thankful for this course.

    — William, United States
  • This has to be the best course I have experienced on this site and I have done over 20 over the past few years. What an amazing speaker, God Bless Him.

    — Arthur, United States
  • An excellent course!

    — Russell, United States
  • I felt that the course was far better than I expected it would be. I also enjoyed listening to the courses and was slightly disappointed when they were over.

    — James, United States
  • I was extremely satisfied with this course.

    — James, United States
  • Very helpful, easy to understand . I thank you very much .

    — Wilson, United States

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John R. W. Stott, DD (1921-2011)

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