The Four A’s of Leadership for Women

In this course you will learn how to become a more effective leader in women's leadership through realizing your unique attributes in God's kingdom.


This two-part basics course will help you become a more effective leader through realizing your unique attributes in the kingdom of God. We serve an intentional God who made us purposefully and perfectly to accomplish His will in our lives. As a leader, we are called to influence others, but how do we understand and work with our own experiences, gifts, and life situations so that we can be effective? This seminar will encourage you to become the leader God desires you to be. Dr. Selzer expounds upon what she calls “The Four A’s of Leadership: Appreciate, Accentuate, Alleviate, and Activate.”

  1. Understand the aspects of appreciating how you are created and understand how experiences continue to develop you.
  2. Discern how accentuating allows you to prioritize.
  3. Accept that God desires for you to be you, without comparing yourself to others or being everything to everyone.
  4. Identify distractions so as to maintain a clear focus on tasks.
  5. List what fears need to be alleviated in your life.
  6. Discern how to set in motion or activate God’s vision for your life through support systems and passion.
  7. Recognize the need to align your priorities with what God wants for you.
  • This is an excellent beginner level course. It is full of useful information that can be applied easily to your day-to-day life.

    — Helen, United States
  • Very helpful. I'm sure God sent this course to me because I have been walking through a valley and I needed encourage. I like the teaching style of the professor. Thank you for this course.

    — Sidney, United States
  • I learned a lot more about myself being introduced to the 4 A's Appreciate, Accentuate, Alleviate and Activate.

    — Rachel, United States
  • Straight and to the point course!

    — Melissa, United States
  • Thought provoking. I didn't give myself the opportunity to understand that God has a clear lifelong plan for me. How can I give Him glory if I don't understand how intentional His plans for my life are. Well worth doing this course to help me do what God wants me to do.

    — Davina, United Kingdom

    — Elvira, United States
  • The course is excellent. Though rather short it made a super impact on my life and walk with Christ.  

    — Farai, South Africa
  • It was an interesting, inspiring and an eye-opener. I have learned things that will help me in my ministry with women. Knowing who I am and that I serve an international God, purposeful God, and participatory God.

    — Faith, United Kingdom
  • This is a great course to help us in our Leadership work for God.

    — Tameka, United States
  • I took this course in 2016 and I had to come back for a refresher course. I love this course it’s enhances my women's ministry.

    — Nina lynn, United States
  • This course was great and I will use some of what I learned to help me with staff training for summer camp this year.

    — Carol, Canada
  • These are all what women need to be a good leader. Thank you for the course

    — Linda, Indonesia
  • Very enlightening course. I feel better equipped for my role as a Christian Leader. I also have a greater understanding of God's purpose for my life.

    — Santhia, United States
  • Thank you very much.

    — Yumiko, Japan
  • I learned so much from the 4 A's of Leadership for women. Very interesting.

    — Rickie, United States
  • I am thankful for this course because it drew my attention to activating His vision for my life. It drew my attention to putting a support system in place through accountability partners and a mentor. The course also provided direction in ministry. I would also like to find a well-rounded group so that our gifts, talents, and abilities are accentuated.

    — Carrie, United States
  • I love the in-depth parts about our own giftedness. The resources are great as well.

    — Alicia, United States
  • This course has helped me to understand and appreciate the importance of being an effective leader.

    — Mary, United States
  • Thoroughly enjoyed the course and learned a lot from it in terms of striving to be a good leader. It has helped me in not comparing myself to others which is so negative. I can evaluate my strengths and experiences now and do have a clearer perspective on what God's purpose is for me. Thank you for this experience.

    — Angie, United States
  • Good course as my first course here

    — Rebecca, United States
  • I really liked this course.

    — Heidi, United States
  • This course was explained very well. It was very helpful.

    — Veronica, United States
  • Very helpful and very understanding. Excellent explanations!!

    — Archdeacon, United States
  • Thank You! Excellent course.

    — Sharon, United States
  • Very good information!

    — Cheryl, United States
  • The information is very helpful. I took several pages of notes that will assist me further as one in a leadership role.

    — Angel, United States
  • The course provided just the right amount of detailed and focused information. I really enjoyed it and have some really useful tools I can use to motivate myself to make changes to be all God has called me to be.

    — Collette, United States
  • I truly enjoyed the way the teacher taught the class; it was taught to where the students understand the importance of the course.

    — Shirley, United States
  • Enjoyed it. Learned a lot.

    — Sondra, United States
  • WOW!!! It is revolutionary, encouraging, challenging, confrontational and yet loaded with a message of HOPE for individuals, groups and churches. It is easy to understand, practical and insightful. Thank you for this life-changing course. It challenged my knowledge.

    — Sebo, United States
  • The course was thought provoking and interesting. It was very helpful.

    — Sandy, United States
  • I love the easy-to-remember steps to take. This is great advice for any leaders in any position!

    — Kara, United States
  • I found this course very helpful. It is a good place to start for someone on a new assignment in leadership in the church.

    — Gloria, United States
  • The course has been eye-opening and I found the mode of delivery to be very easy to use.

    — Augustina, United States

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