Ultimate Leadership I

This course is based on spiritual principles of leadership and character development. Covering Character and Leadership, Knowing God's Will, and Building Trust.


Based on spiritual principles of leadership and character development, this four-lesson course offers studies on Character and Leadership, Knowing God’s Will, Building Trust and more. The Ultimate Leadership course will give you practical skills that will increase your success in every area of life.

This course is provided by Cloud/Townsend (growthskills.org)

  1. Understand fully what it means to have character.
  2. Identify three components a successful leader must have.
  3. Articulate what it means to tell the truth in your organization.
  4. Differentiate between style and character.
  • Well done

    — David
  • I've received a lot of leadership training from work and it is good to have the overlay of biblical contexts to tie it all together.  

    — Elaine
  • This has been a great challenge for my brain.

    — Monica
  • Very Good

    — James
  • I had been looking for something like this for a while now and now that I have found this I can definitely say that I enjoyed it and would definitely recommend that others take this course as well .

    — Gabriel
  • I viewed these courses a few times previously in years gone by. They are extremely helpful, not just for leaders but anyone who wants to grow in their personhood. I have recommended in the past to our church leadership for the staff, as our staff if very young, and not formally trained. I think this course would benefit anyone who wants to learn about themselves and how they view life, and how they affect others good or bad. I am currently in a celebrate recovery program, learning or unlearning various habits, compulsions and patterns. As I review these lessons now, I am gaining more than the first few times of viewing. I am not someone who picks things up quickly hence the ability to review is very important to me. Thank you.

    — Susan
  • This course has helped me further my knowledge of the subject at hand and has further give me ideas on how to improve as a leader.

    — David
  • Very knowledgeable about subject matter and ALWAYS engagingly interesting.

    — Gwendolyn
  • This was a very good course, it has opened up my eyes to be a very good leader. I sure will put these teachings in practice and become more effective in my leadership.

    — Gerald
  • This course have been very helpful to me in developing my self as a leader. It addresses very key areas in a persons leadership journey. it is actually about dealing with the leader himself and that's really uncommon.

    — Festus
  • This course was very enlightening. I took management courses in college and through books and seminars. None of those spoke to the heart like this one did.

    — Kim
  • I really enjoyed the lessons. I worked on them at my own pace. I have already signed up for another course.

    — Debbie
  • I got a lot out of this course. I have leadership skills, but I wanted to take a course that was based on a Faith perspective. Thank you for offering this course. It was very well put together.

    — Loraine
  • I really enjoy this course. It was very interesting, and I learned a lot.

    — Demeka
  • This course makes you look at your character as a leader, or if you want to become a leader I learn a lot. Also, I know there is room to grow.

    — Charles
  • !!! It is revolutionary, encouraging, challenging, confrontational and yet loaded with a message of HOPE for individuals, groups and Churches. It is easy to understand, practical and insightful. Thank you for this life-changing course. I am very blessed.

    — Sebo
  • I have been managing people and thought that I was their leader. A wonderful course that has revealed to me who I am and can now start leading.

    — Morris
  • This is what i have being waiting for! It fuels the burning passion in me. Helps to see that i am on the right path and also areas i need to work on. The simplicity and clarity is amazing. Nothing complex. So very thankful to God and Dr Cloud and Dr Townsend. Thankful for CUGN.

    — Raly
  • Found the course to be interesting, informative, and definitely beneficial for anyone seeking to grow in their leadership role. The quizzes were helpful to consolidate learning.

    — Amelia
  • Very practical and helpful. Lectures presented were clear and easy to follow.

    — Thuan-Ing

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  • 4 Lessons
  • 17 Activities
  • 5 Assessments
  • 60 Min Average
  • 5 Hrs Minimum
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Henry Cloud, PhD


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