Jesus in Judea: Opposition and Rejection

This course examines the Judean phase of Jesus' ministry and discovers the Jewish opposition which led them to turn over one of their own for crucifixion.


As amazing as it seems, the people Jesus came to save actually rejected Him. In Jesus in Judea: Opposition and Rejection, students will survey the Judean phase of Jesus’ ministry and gain insight into His teachings and actions that increased the Jewish opposition to the point where they would turn one of their own countrymen over to the Romans for crucifixion.


Group Exercises
  1. To introduce students to survey information related to the New Testament.
  2. To help develop critical and practical aptitudes in understanding the Bible.
  3. To provide scholarly information that will foster a better understanding of the historical and biblical context of the New Testament.
  • Very enlightening.

    — Gerald, United States
  • A great course indeed. A lot of good food for thought.

    — Johann, United States
  • I really enjoyed both this set of lessons and the previous set about Jesus' ministry through Galilee. It was helpful to unpack both sets of these one after the other to better understand the context of work of Jesus!

    — Larissa, United States
  • It is a good short course.

    — Liliarosa, United States
  • I didn't understand why the commentary reading from Ray Stedman were from the epistles of John when the entire course was about Jesus' ministry in Judea and Galilee during the last weeks of His earthly life.

    — Matthew, United States
  • As usual a great course!!

    — Jon, Canada
  • A good course!

    — Russell, Canada
  • Very brief but very insightful of the last days of Jesus before the cross.

    — Masayoshi, United States
  • Any thing on the Gospel I am interested in and to know more of what Christ did for me is greatly appreciated.

    — Donald, United States
  • THIS COURSE WAS EXCELLENT!!! It was great how the events from all four gospels were arranged to facilitate understanding of the course matter. I am looking forward to taking more of Dr. Bloomberg's courses! Thank you for such a wonderful learning experience.

    — Christi, United States
  • Great course. I am so impressed by the information taught in this subject. This course brought to life teachings about my Master that I truly needed to know.

    — Everett, United States
  • This professor has many interesting insights that bring more life to the gospels.

    — Kathleen, United States

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