Holy Land II

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Level: BasicNumber of Lessons: 8Avg. Length: 9 Min.Time Required: 4 Hours MinimumCourse Code: OT104
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In this course, Dr. John (Jack) Beck takes you across Israel to explore new locations and bring new understanding to some of your favorite Bible stories. You’ll start in the barren Judean Wilderness, where you’ll see how God provided for and protected David, Jesus, and others in Scripture in the physical wilderness, and how He provides for you today in your times of need. Then you’ll journey outward to the scenic Coastal Plain where you’ll discover the beauty of the seaside and better understand God’s plan of bringing the gospel to the whole world through the story of Peter in Jaffa. Then you’ll move on to the Shephelah where God enabled important victories—including the well-known showdown between David and Goliath—and allowed His gospel message to continue to spread.

Gear up for adventure as Dr. Jack Beck leads the way, showing you how God guided and guarded the lives of His people in Bible times and how He does the same for you today. The video series is provided by Our Daily Bread Ministries.


  • Describe the nature of the Judean Wilderness and understand how the difficulties faced there would have shaped people like David and Jesus.
  • Describe the geographical characteristics of places like Ein Gedi, the Coastal Plain, Jaffa, and the Shephelah, and as a result, have a better understanding of the Bible.
  • Explain why the Coastal Plain is relevant to the biblical narrative.
  • Explore Peter’s experience at Jaffa as a turning point for the church.
  • Explain the bigger picture behind the stories of David’s battle with Goliath and Philip’s encounter with the Ethiopian eunuch.
  • Apply the lessons learned from these stories and their geographical locations to your faith and walk with the Lord.
John Beck, PhD
  • Trinity International University, MDiv, ThM, and PhD

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