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Ten Reasons to Believe in the Existence of God

During this course you will analyze the limits of science, intelligent design in nature, and Christ's claims.

For centuries, thoughtful people have questioned the existence of God. They have proposed that the belief in a higher power was invented by people who needed a sense of protection and spiritual meaning. Yet despite this and other challenges, there are convincing evidences that support a credible belief in the God of the Bible. This course will examine the limits of science, the argument for intelligent design in nature, the claims of Christ, and much more in an investigation of “Ten Reasons to Believe in the Existence of God.”

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  1. To introduce students to the basic fundamentals of the Christian faith.
  2. To provide scholarly and historical evidence for the validity of Christianity.
  3. To encourage logical thinking in evaluating the authenticity of the teachings of Jesus and of the Bible.
  • I thoroughly enjoyed this course! It took me deeper into topics with which I was already familiar and gave me new insights.

    — Kellie, United States (US)
  • I am encouraged by what I learned in this course.

    — Timothy, United States (US)
  • This is a great course to help defend faith in Christ.

    — Mary, United States (US)
  • Very thorough!

    — Shauna, United States (US)
  • The reading portion is overwhelming. The video lectures were great along with the journal questions. It would be a lot more interesting and stimulating if there were more journal questions and less of reading.

    — Audrey, United States (US)
  • Another great course! Thank you!

    — Gwyn, United States (US)
  • The course was well learnable and understandable to help our spiritual growth in Jesus Christ.

    — Frank, United Kingdom (UK)
  • Well pleased

    — Cory, United States (US)
  • I like that I can control the pace. I also like the quick feedback on the quizzes and final exams.

    — Shari, United States (US)
  • I particularly liked the Further Study section of the course. There was a great deal of reading just for a 7 item quiz. Overall I learned a great deal.

    — Christi, United States (US)
  • This was a fun and awesome course!!!!! Thanks for the opportunity.

    — Major, United States (US)
  • These courses are very helpful to me and useful when I talk to someone about Jesus.

    — Jon, United States (US)
  • Good subject documentation. My personal experience is strengthened.

    — Donald, United States (US)
  • This course was very good in furthering my knowledge of God and His creation and the Bible; it was informative in understanding how to defend biblical creation, God's existence and Christ being God.

    — John, United States (US)
  • Thank you for the opportunity to further education.

    — Susan, United States (US)
  • Thank you to everyone; I really am enjoying this form of study...a true blessing.

    — Josephine, United States (US)
  • Having never taken an online Bible study course, I found this course to be an exciting Bible study journey. I enjoyed having my thinking challenged and appreciated having a combination of reading, videos, and reflective questions. I also appreciated being able to go at my own speed. I definitely want to pursue more online Bible study courses. Thank you for all of the time and effort that went into this study. I also appreciate those at Student Services who patiently answered my many questions about the course.

    — Sandra, United States (US)
  • Very useful study.

    — John, United States (US)
  • Ten Reasons to Believe in the Existence of God is an excellent topic for GOD's children to live to glorify Jesus because there is an eternal GOD! Amen.

    — Them, United States (US)
  • Another great course - highly recommended

    — Glen, United States (US)

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