Defending the Reliability of the Bible

We are very excited to announce our first LIVE (virtual) course. A number of students have requested this experience, so on June 2nd at 7:00 PM to 8:00 PM EDT, we are launching a four-week course on Defending the Reliability of the Bible with David Frees.

This class will focus on the question “How do we know the Bible is historically accurate and trustworthy?” To answer it we will examine three lines of evidence:

    1. The textual transmission of the Old and New Testament documents.
    2. Archaeological evidence that confirms the events, people, and places we read about in the Bible.
    3. The prophetic nature of the Bible.

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Duration: June 2, 2022 — June 23, 2022

Price: Free

Number of Lessons: 4

Professor: David Frees, MDiv and ThM

Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay to access the course?

Great question! The simple answer is: no. We will, however, offer additional supplemental materials and a certificate for those who are studying with us in our Premium subscription option. To get started with a Premium subscription, please visit

I registered. Now how do I get to the course?

Please check your email as we will be sending out regular emails with links to each lesson as we progress through the four-week course.

I never received the registration confirmation. What should I do?

We’re sorry; that can happen sometimes for various reasons. Please check your spam email first. It’s also possible you misspelled your email address when you registered. You can attempt to register again to correct the email issue. If you get a notice that your email is already registered, then you did indeed register successfully. If you are still not receiving our emails, please contact us for further assistance:

I can't make it at the designated times. Can I still be a part of the course?

Yes! You will be able to access the recordings of the live lessons using the links we provide in your email.

Do I need to log in to access the course?

Good news! The course is completely free and no login is needed. Simply go directly to the course via the link we provide in your email. If you have a Premium subscription and want to receive a certificate upon completion of the course, then you will need to log in before joining the lesson so your progress will be tracked and you will have access to the additional materials.