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Who do I work for? That’s the most important question to answer every day as you start work- You don’t work for yourself - You don’t work for your boss. You actually work for the Lord, and when you recognize that, it changes everything in your job.

You can now view your job not only as a means of producing an income, but as a platform to influence others for Christ. This can change your job from one of drudgery to excitement as you have an eternal impact on your co-workers and customers.

The second section of our lesson dealt with Debt. And I’ve got to ask- how’d you do on the Snowball Debt Calculator? Were you discouraged by what you discovered?

Don’t be, there’s hope. I’ve seen it in the lives of so many people who have learned God’s way of handling money.

I believe with all my heart—that the Lord wants you free from debt. Free from serving your lenders. Free to serve the Lord and other people He puts in your path.

I can tell you so many stories of people who couldn’t make much progress when they started their journeys to debt free living, but they started. Then God showed up and over time they became completely debt free. And that’s my prayer for you. Zechariah 4:10 reminds is, “Don’t despise the day of small beginning.” So, don’t become discouraged and give up; rather, go for it!

Now for those of you who are debt free, I want to encourage you to stay that way! As you learned in the Debt Notes, the scenario of just one credit card could have you making payments for the next 11 years or longer!

Now, Let’s preview the next lesson.

Along with the 30-Day diary, we’ll be looking at saving and investing.

Now you may be thinking “Saving? Investing? I’m not at a stage in my life to be thinking about those things! I’ll wait till I’m a little older and have more money.” But, actually, you’re at the ideal stage to begin saving and investing for one simple reason- time! As you’ll learn, the earlier you start the better!

You’ll be using two tools to help you better understand investing.

First, the Compound Interest Calculator will demonstrate how the interest rate can affect your savings. The more often interest is compounded, or added to your account, the more you earn. Simply fill out the provided scenarios into the calculator to determine the amount of your return.

The second tool is the Investment Goal Calculator. It has scenarios that will help you understand the benefits of consistent, long-term investing along with the impact of compounding your return.

After you learn the amazing benefits of consistent savings and compounding, you’ll be motivated to start saving & investing, TODAY!

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