Reformation Church History

This course examines the teachings of the leading Reformers, as well as the rise of the major Protestant movement and its reactions in various nations.


The Reformation changed the world spiritually, socially, and politically. In this course, learners trace the historic development of the Protestant Reformation from its 16th-century background to its impact on the world and the church today. The course examines the lives and teachings of the leading Reformers (Luther, Zwingli, Calvin, and Knox) and traces the Reformation movement in various nations. In addition, students study the rise of the major Protestant movements (Lutheranism, Calvinism, Anabaptism, and Puritanism) and the Roman Catholic reactions to those movements. The goal of the course is to apply the Reformation battle cries of faith alone, grace alone, and Christ alone to life and ministry.

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Study Guide
  1. Understand the origin, history, and doctrines of the Protestant Reformation.
  2. Interpret the state of the western world and church today.
  3. Appreciate the Lord’s providential care of His Church.
  4. Recognize dangers that have faced the Church in order that past mistakes not be repeated.
  • I took this course to learn about the Reformation. But, in particular, to learn and try to understand the development of Christianity. That is, to try and understand where Christianity is today. This course helped me to do this by the history discussions and major players in the Reformation. Also, the authors and their works mentioned along the way were also very helpful.

    — Steven
  • I learned a great deal from this course. Thank you so much for offering it. I am very happy with my experiences with Daily Bread University

    — Sidney
  • I learned a great deal from this course. Dr. Godfrey held my attention and provided me with information I had not known or studied before as a whole. Thank you so much for this offering.

    — Sidney
  • Great content, and details I did not know.

    — David
  • Thank you so much for these courses. Brilliant in so many ways.

    — John
  • Very interesting to learn who and where the reformation began. Understanding that these reformation leaders who Hungered for the truth and understanding of God’s Word was the beginning of modern Bible translations.

    — Masayoshi

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