Church History to the Reformation

In this course, learners discover how the Church’s doctrine, faith, and practice developed from Pentecost to the time of the Protestant Reformation.


Nearly every major doctrine of the Church was established before the Reformation. In this course, learners discover how the Church’s doctrine, faith, and practice developed from Pentecost to the time of the Protestant Reformation. The lectures focus on the cultural, political and economic backgrounds of both the Patristic and Medieval periods of church history, and emphasize the contributions of key figures up to the Reformation. The course culminates with the Renaissance, which was the cultural context for Luther’s Reformation. From Augustine to Wycliffe, students will see how God graciously used human people to accomplish divine purposes.

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Study Guide
  1. Articulate the development of Christian doctrine, faith, and practice from Pentecost to the Reformation.
  2. Reflect upon their significance for the church today.
  3. Describe the process by which only certain documents came to be regarded as authoritative.
  4. List the salient elements of early Christian worship.
  5. Ponder the implications of “martyr faith” for his/her own life and ministry.
  • An excellent course!

    — Russell, Canada
  • I learned a great deal. I really like the course and had to put my whole thinking process in place. I like a challenge. Thank you for offering this wonderful course.

    — Sidney, United States (US)
  • I especially appreciated the sections on the early church and the councils.

    — Iain, United Kingdom (UK)
  • Great series on the history of the Church to the Reformation. I learned so much and these lecturers and the lecturer blessed my life. Thank you and God Bless you all at ODBU.

    — Laurie, Canada
  • The course was informative, instructional, and defining. It added cream to my understanding and beliefs as a born again Christian.

    — Anyawa, Canada
  • I have enjoyed this course very much. It has provided me with a deeper understanding of the history of our church. I love the fact that Professor Rosell began each lecture in joining him in prayer. and I would like to close with a short prayer. Our Loving Father in heaven, I thank you with all my heart, with all my soul and all my mind for directing me in taking this wonderful course. In Jesus Holy and precious name, Amen.

    — Joseph, United States (US)
  • Great course!!

    — Roberto, United States (US)
  • I am in my retired years and have never felt that I wanted to go back to school again, though I have continued to seek out learning opportunities. Though I have never really liked history, this course has given me a much better appreciation of the value of understanding our church history, and a much better understanding of the issues that have brought challenges in the church up to and including today. I believe that I learned something new in every lecture, and in some cases, quite a few things. It has brought me closer to the Lord. It is now much more likely that I will take the next course in this series. Thank you.

    — John, United States (US)
  • Love.

    — Angela, United States (US)

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