Biblical Hermeneutics

This course will instruct in various parameters for biblical interpretation and will show how specific methods are applied to hermeneutics in Bible study.


The term hermeneutics can be intimidating. It sounds academic and is foreign to most of our vocabularies. However, the act of interpretation is as common as communication itself. Whenever someone speaks, a listener interprets what the speaker means. But what is interpretation when we apply it to reading the Bible? How can we legitimately and effectively interpret the Bible? This course will instruct in various parameters for biblical interpretation and will show how specific methods are applied to Bible study.

  1. Understand the characteristics of a good interpreter of Scripture.
  2. Defend your position on whether a passage of Scripture can have only one or multiple meanings.
  3. Describe the basic assumptions of the liberal schools of higher criticism of the Bible.
  4. Articulate particular biblical theologies that provide argument for the unity for all of Scripture.
  5. Identify and interpret literary devices used in biblical narratives.
  6. Formulate teaching or preaching outlines of biblical narrative passages.
  7. Appreciate the depth of understanding of Scripture that can be reached by a more complete understanding of poetry, proverbs, and allegory.
  8. Recognize key interpretive clues as you approach the study of prophetic passages of Scripture.
  9. Defend the relevance of the Old Testament for today’s world.
  10. Understand the importance of context in correctly interpreting Scripture.
  11. Cite numerous principles to be applied in seeking theological truths from Scripture.
  12. Develop an attitude of both confidence and caution in interpreting Scripture doctrinally.
  13. Explain the right relationship between authorial intent and the role of the reader in determining the meaning of a text.
  14. Show how cultural aspects of the Bible can be used to teach overarching truths.
  15. Discuss the concept of principlized application of Scripture to contemporary issues.
  16. Commit to a regular practice of devotional Bible reading, prayer, and meditation.
  • Dr. Kaiser is a professor I can truly relate to. I must say that the stories, humor, and marginal discussions have truly helped me have a grasp on some of the most difficult content that were taught throughout this course. It was truly a treasure to listen to his teachings. I will definitely look into taking another course by Dr Kaiser.

    — Nicole, United States
  • Great course.

    — Darlene, United States
  • This is a hard course. It is correctly listed as advanced. The content is better than anything that I have studied here. I will have to listen to these passages several times to get through the final. The amount of information is just so great.

    — Jimmy, United States
  • This course stretched my thinking. It was hard to comprehend what the speaker was trying to teach at times. The quizzes were challenging. It was one of the hardest courses I've taken in the last 4 years.

    — Evon, United States
  • I really enjoyed and learned from each and every lecture by Dr. Kaiser. He makes learning interesting and fun and I have benefited from this course. Thank you for offering it.

    — Sidney, United States
  • This is a wonderful course which demystifies the Hermeneutics and stirs the desire to study more the Scriptures.

    — Gildas ange clyve, French Guiana
  • I didn't like the audio only lectures. I respond better to visual instruction. I found it easier to just read transcripts, than to simply listen to audio.

    — Jamey, United States
  • Great course. I would have loved to take this course in person with Dr. Kaiser. He has wit, a great sense of humor, and a deep well of knowledge.

    — Abner, United States
  • It was very informative. Thank you and God bless you.

    — Faith, United States
  • I have learnt a lot from the course.

    — Olakunle, United States
  • Dr. Kaiser is an awesome teacher. It took me a little while to catch onto his dry sense of humor, but it became endearing as the course went on.

    — Denise, United States
  • Absolutely loved this course and Dr. Kaiser. Will recommend to many others. I’ve learned so much it’s amazing!men

    — Lauren, United States
  • This course helped me to better understand how to understand the Bible without making presumptions on just one verse; instead to research it further. Also, it encouraged me to get back into a regular devotional time and to try meditation with the aid of the Holy Spirit more regularly. It gave me a deeper respect for the validity of the Word of God. With all the scholars that investigated for so many centuries, it proves it is a book to be regarded with reverence and stands up in a world that is getting to be too proud to seek its wisdom.

    — Anita, United States
  • The notes I will review and use for life.

    — Donald, United States
  • Dr. Kaiser presented each lesson in a way that was upbeat yet thorough in its teaching.

    — Kim, United States
  • I believe this lecturer, Dr. Kaiser, is one of the most charming and engaging teachers I have come across while at CUGN. I did find his style a bit difficult to follow. I don’t think this course is recommended for a new Believer or for someone new to the Bible, as he tends to spot teach on certain characters or Bible events. However, the seasoned saint will find this series beneficial. It’s like curling up with your pastor and a small group in his living room and listening to him just talk. I would like to take other courses by Dr. Kaiser if they are available. Thank you for offering this one.

    — Pamela, United States
  • This course was very informative and enlightening, would highly recommend taking them.

    — Ingrid, United States
  • I enjoyed the course; learned quite a bit of information. I will be looking for other courses being taught by Dr. Kaiser. Thank you!

    — Lindsey, United States
  • This is an excellent course. I have learned principles that will help to search deeper in order to interpret the meaning of Word of God. I am grateful for the opportunity.

    — Tennie, United States

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