Introduction To Public Speaking

This course will help you to craft an engaging introduction, thrilling content, and a conclusion that allows your audience to take action tomorrow, based on what you said today.


Does speaking in front of a group of people incite terror in you? It’s on the top of the list of things that people fear most. In Introduction to Public Speaking you will learn how to prepare your speech—from an introduction that grabs the attention of your audience, to content that keeps them engaged, to a conclusion that gives people something they can do tomorrow as a result of what you said today. These steps will help calm your nerves and make you an effective speaker. Get started today.

  • Have something important to say to your audience.
  • Arrange material so listeners will receive it.
  • Understand and apply the theory behind speaking as listeners like it.
  • Understand the five steps in preparing a speech that listeners like.
  • This is a great course that takes a different approach to public speaking. It gives practical application in an easy to follow format and is presented nicely.

    — Helen, United States
  • A new practical approach to public speaking.

    — Terri, United States
  • Learned a whole new way to prepare a speech

    — Josette C, United States
  • Great course with practical applications.

    — Patrick, United States
  • Great information!!

    — David, United States
  • The course was very relevant to my situation. I was able to assess myself and how I am currently doing in terms of public speaking. I will do a lot of changes in order for me to be more effective.

    — Farai, South Africa
  • Enjoyed the psychological approach! Made it easier to understand speech writing. Thank you.

    — Kadisha, United States
  • It's direct and provides a guideline for what can be done to address public message delivery.

    — Elaine, Canada
  • Very useful introduction which gives a mechanism for honing ones public speaking skills. In terms of the ratio of length to information, this course punches above its weight. Highly recommended.

    — Michael, United Kingdom
  • Dr. Robinson is a gift theologian, preacher, teacher, and of course a gifted public speaker. He is a wonderful blessing the the Church. I learned a lot from this tutorial.

    — Charlene, United States
  • I thoroughly enjoyed Dr. Robinson. He made me tear up because I had an experience (the example in the course) about the phone call. My wife and I had police come to our home and tell us that my son had died it was an absolute nightmare and Psalm 46, was my strength because, at that moment, I needed the God Jacob to be my strength.

    — Edward, United States
  • I feel the course was well organized and will certainly be used as the need for public speaking arises in the future. The practicality and methodology will be very useful. A great guide!

    — Brenda, United States
  • Thank you, Professor Haddon Robinson. I enjoyed this topic.

    — Onyedinma johnson, Oman
  • Great tips for speaking and keeping it interesting

    — Stephen, United States
  • Presenter has helpful information, but the pace is slow.

    — Chris, United States
  • I took this course over 15 years ago and it was tremendous in helping me to be a better communicator of God's Word and I tell anyone who is interested in becoming a better speaker about Haddon Robbinsons teachings and principles. I only wish I could have had the opportunity to thank him this side of heaven but I will give him a big hug when I get there.

    — Matt, Canada
  • Love hearing this lecturer speak.

    — Jamey, United States
  • This is a thoughtful approach to sermon design and I will use it int he future. Dr. Robinson is great!

    — Gary, United States
  • I just need to put it to use, in my sermons, devotions, and men's group. Thank you , God bless.

    — Silvester, United States
  • This has helped me tremendously! I have been able to critique my past opportunities as a speaker and now can hone my skill to be more effective. Thank you and I really look forward to more lessons like this.

    — Susan, United States
  • An excellent course!

    — Russell, Canada
  • The Logical Outline in which the course is structured was extremely helpful. I have a better understanding of what is required to take the audience from the Ho-Hum stage through the conclusion, So what. I found the course extremely informative when preparing a speech/talk. I now understand the Ho-Hum stage, followed by making and interesting statement, and taking the audience through why speaker's idea was presented. Overall, I understand creating an audience-oriented outline is so important. Taking the audience from voluntary listeners to involuntary listeners is key.

    — Santhia, United States
  • Very Helpful.

    — Tommy, United States
  • It's a challenging course.

    — Alex ow yong, Singapore
  • I enjoyed the courses. Psalm 46, the example he gave, was just he described it. My oldest daughter was in a fatal car accident. I received a phone call that night, and it took my breath away. Thank you

    — Debbie, United States
  • Oh how I wish I had met this course earlier.

    — Roy, Germany
  • This course was very interesting, informative and well put together, I feel I have learnt a lot about how to start putting a speech together.

    — Alison, United States
  • Very informative

    — Miguel, United States
  • Dr. Robinson is good. The transcript helps me understand what does the speaker wants me to tell. I learned a lot, especially in how I can apply it.

    — Vincent, United States
  • This course was very interesting while practical. I can see where it will surely improve my public speaking preparation of speech and execution. It was very visual and kept my attention for more than 30 minutes. I will surely recommend this course.

    — JarDanell, United States
  • Good, easy to follow steps to writing a good talk.

    — Philip, United States
  • The courses have been informative, the instructors have been great. Would recommend these courses to want to be enlightened.

    — Kenneth, United States
  • Love, love love this!! Very interesting and informative thank you very much.

    — Ingrid, United States
  • I learned a lot from this course and was able to apply it to a lecture yesterday and it went very well.

    — Veronica, United States
  • Overall, in this course, one was able to refresh one's memory knowledge. As well as, broaden my knowledge based on how, when, and where while speaking and presenting the correct way as it relates to Public Speaking.

    — Valerie, United States
  • This course is exactly what I needed at this time in my life. In God's strength and through the Holy Spirit I now have a psychological, down-to-earth approach of saying what needs to be said.

    — Leanne, United States
  • Very good.

    — Dusty, United States
  • As someone who is a bible college graduate over 20 years ago. Having the pleasure to take this course really gave me a great start at learning how to organize my speeches and sermons.

    — Adam, United States
  • I really enjoyed this course and everything that it had to offer. It really taught me a lot about how to public speak more effectively. Being an English teacher, I teach lessons on how they can public speak and I will definitely use some of this material to teach them as well.

    — Michael, United States
  • Communication is an ongoing learning process and is an always needed tool. I enjoyed the information conveyed.

    — Alice, United States
  • Great course. Well organized and informative.

    — Eliza, United States
  • Opened up new ideas for me to consider during my public speaking

    — Jason, United States
  • This is an excellent course which shows a simple & practical way to outline along with present a speech/talk. It will help me be a better presenter by looking at a speech as a talk with many people instead of a big presentation.

    — Charles, United States
  • Excellent Course!

    — David, United States
  • This course has taught me that in public speaking I am to fulfill a need for the audience. To meet that need I must be plain and direct about what I want them to hear. Show them what I am trying to say by giving real life examples. Tell them how to apply what they have heard to their lives or give them the opportunity to choose to use the application.

    — Stephanie, United States
  • It is revolutionary, encouraging, challenging, confrontational and yet loaded with a message of HOPE for individuals, groups and Churches. It is fully packed with knowledge and wisdom of God for us to understand, practical and insightful. Thank you for this life-changing course.

    — Sebo, United States
  • Thank you some very good points in a way that make it clear to understand.

    — Greg, United States
  • This course provided me with a lot of new information on public speaking since I have not taken a course on this subject before. I found the lessons well organized and full of depth. I found the overall course to help me to gain knowledge about the topic. I have through this course been able to evaluate myself as a public speaker and learn about my own approach to public speaking. I know I will continue to use the material I learned in this course throughout my career when asked to do public speaking.

    — Rachel, United States
  • This course has helped me to improve on my sermon preparation and delivery. Most of the time, we only focus on the logical outline but in fact, its only now that I have become aware of the "Psychological Outline". It has been a revelation and I will put it into practice immediately. The illustration of the 'two islands separated by a gulf', will be difficult to forget. It was indeed a wonderful time. May God bless you.

    — Festus, United States

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